My journey of 90 days

I also failed today. I didn’t know the chaser effect was going to hit so hard. But today I found that I wanted to do too many things in one day instead of focusing on the most important ones, so today I rearranged my plan for the next 40 days. In exactly 40 days, I will finish my grades in school. My goal will be to study as much as possible every day (minimum will still be 2 hours) for the next 40 days (because I need to pass a class) and to do core training every day (because I was injured and I need to strengthen this part of my body). These two things I will focus on for the next 40 days to the fullest. However, I will also try to meditate every day as I believe I will feel better that way. I will also update every night if I did these two things during the day.
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
– Chinese Proverb

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Day 3
I started writing again today as I finally beat the chaser effect. Today I became aware of all the problems I have and I am very stressed about it. Once you stop doing PMO you become aware of the real problems. Still, I think it’s better that way and I start working every day to eliminate them. I will still be doing the same habits as in the previous streak because they helped me.
:white_check_mark:Study (3 hours 10 min)
:x:eating healty (ate some chips)
:x:don’t use phone (1 hour)
:white_check_mark:learning new language
:white_check_mark:sleep atleast 7 hours (7, 21 min)
Main goal tomorrow :

Tomorrow I absolutely do not accept anything less than 7 hours of studying❗
Daily motivation:
"Stop talking, start doing"

CS: 1 day 8 hours
So I’m back again. As I promised I will write here until I get to 90 days. Why haven’t I been here so long? In fact, I failed a couple of times, so I decided to delete the app, I didn’t want to count the days anymore, I wanted nofap to become my lifestyle. And I was really doing good but then had a wet dream, then failed again. So I’m here again now because I think thats the best option for me. I made a new nofap plan. Lately, I have a problem with procrastination again, as I find it hard to learn. I want to change that, so I have to study for a minimum of 2 hours tomorrow. I want to focus on myself, and improve, I would like to be defined by actions not by words . And one more thing … I have a birthday tomorrow so I hope it will be good day :slightly_smiling_face:.

Congrats for keep fighting.
But let me remind something that you already knew.
This App i think is not a social media that you have only just have to post impresive and successful things only. That when you are on worst days fapping, you dissappear.
No dont do that you need to cone here “” guys i fapped today, (next day) guys i fapped again this day"" that way it will yourself on the line faster so as to avoid embarassment. Its different to when you are in your room alone and nobody doesnt know thats going insider. We cant tell our family, we should at least tell this community.

Actually thanks you inspired even me to start my own forum “my first clean holy month of ramadan” now i want to start writting everything even the worst side of mine, Good thing nobody knows me here. In that case i think i will try my best to clean my name here as well.

Day 2
My day in short: I had a birthday,it was nothing special. I read a lot, although I think I do it just to avoid work (learning), as I still procrastinate today. Although today I have already started to observe that I am getting more energy again so I am happy. I had no urges. I’ve been at sea these two days and I’ve taken too much time off, so now I have no more excuses, I’m coming home tomorrow and I have to start working. I have to study for 3 hours tomorrow :100:.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your opinion, it means a lot. You are probably right, in difficult moments I should not shut myself in but be stronger. Still, I think I can make it this time. Although I think nofap is the easiest part, the hardest part is to change your life and get out of the comfortable zone. And yes, I’m glad I was able to help you start the forum yourself. Greetings.

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Day 3
I was still at sea today, I came home in the evening. I’m glad I stopped procrastinating, and I studied for 2 hours. I know it’s not much but for me it’s progress. Slowly, my energy and motivation are coming back. Today, in addition to learning, I also read, ate healthy, prayed, learned Spanish …Tomorrow I will start meditating and exercising again. Now I have a lot of work to do with learning :man_teacher:, but I will still try to do other good habits as much as my time allows.

Day 0 again
I failed today. In the afternoon I saw a trigger picture that gradually led me to failure. Still, I’m happy to have figured out what my biggest problem is. This is the comfort zone. So I decided to go out of the comfort zone every day, prevent laziness, and do new challenges every day that I set for myself during the day. Every day I will write down what I did to go out of the comfort zone!!!
*When I will have urges, I will pray, listen to music and meditate. I will also start reading the Bible as I want to get closer to God​:pray::pray:
All the best and thank God for giving me the strength to improve myself every day

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Very sorry, but im happy the fighting spirit still in you. Lets keep fighting.
But also we have to know well our triggers then we have to do everything to avoid them.
We should consider those as our enemy not masturbation.
because once we defeated those, masturbation wont get a chance either.1

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Day 1
So today if I summarize the day quickly. I get up at 8:30 in the morning (day off), I usually get up around 10 (on day off) , although I know I still have a lot to improve on that. Then I immediately went out for a walk. When I got back I was studying for 2 hours. I also meditated today, and read the bible. At 5 I had training (football). I was a little lazy this afternoon because I was under stress as an important training was waiting for me in the late afternoon. That stopped me today from going more out of my comfort zone. For now, I will try to focus as much as possible on studying and not using the phone, because today when I was on yt I saw a trigger post but I am proud because I beat urges, I usually wouldn’t. The urges were quite strong today. I know I didn’t go out of my comfort zone today, I will try harder tomorrow!!

Day 2
I had a busy day today so I didn’t have much time to think about nofap which is good. I got up at 7 in the morning, had classes, had strength training in the meantime, I finished classes at 3. At 3 I had a mandatory hike after class (in conjunction with school). I didn’t get home until 8. I didn’t have much energy anymore, I watched a football game and now I’m going to sleep. lI will study tomorrow when I am rested. All the best.

Day 0
I failed today. Why? Because of boredom. I don’t know why this is happening to me.I can’t keep self-control even for a week. It is what it is now.I am starting again from the beginning :roll_eyes:

Of course i fucked up today. Right now is 4 pm and i will just make a quick notes and then go to study.
My 1 month goals
From 5 may till 5 juni:
Goals for one month:

  • Study everyday min of 2 hours
  • Reduce screen time (max 10 min a day)
  • Healty food
  • Min of 6 hours of sleep everyday
  • Try to workout as much as my time allows
  • Do nofap for 1 month
    Here you go now i have a clear goal and now i have to make it happend. See you later.
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All the best bro.
Keep fighting nonstop.

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Day 1
Ordinary day. I had classes in the morning till 2 pm, then training (football) after training I studied for 1 hour, too little. No urges today, didn’t even think about PMO :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Day 1
Yea yesterday was bad day but today i got new energy. I started doing dopamin detox. For example today i did a 12 hours of digital detox. And when today i didnt use phone all day instead i was studying 8h30 min woah. No urges, thinking that this time can happen something good.I am ready for going all in to succeed this time. Greetings :v:

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Brother i have seen your previous posts u r were doing good and yes this time u can have 90 days achieved and your journal will be a motivation for the rest of newbies

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Yes I know. I really did really well at first, but then I fell into the chaser effect. I haven’t recovered since, I hope it will be this time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Day 0
Today I had a streak of 5 days. But then I relapsed in the evening. Why? Because I wasn’t productive. I was lazy. So my brain convinced me that one peek won’t hurt … Now I’ve decided to start digital dopamine detox. 8 hours every day. I only have one more month of school and during that time I have to be as productive as ever. I have to learn as much as I have time every day. I have to stop procrastinating because I really want to pass a class. In addition to digital detox, I will aslo doing dopamin detox on listening to music(not listening) and watching TV (except for the movie if I do everything during the day). I want to get my dopamine back to normal so I can be more motivated for other things. I will write every day how much I have learned as this is now my primary goal and I have to stop procrastinating. I will try to study 3 hours tomorrow as I have a busy schedule. Otherwise, I also started training lucid dreams (when you know in a dream that you are dreaming) so I will keep you informed of how successful I will be.
Keep calm and study hard! - my moto for the next one month :v:. Greetings :handshake:

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Cs: 2 days 3 hours
It’s been quite some time since I last wrote here. I have to admit that in the meantime I lost control of myself and I failed many times during that time. Now I have recovered a bit and decided to write a diary again on a regular basis. My day:
I fell asleep in the morning and woke up at 9 30 (I have a day off), I had the alarm clock tuned an hour earlier. At 10 I started studying. Today, my day was more or less based on studying. I studied for about 6 and a half hours, maybe a little more. A very important exam awaits me on Tuesday, for which I am bad prepared. The day passed without big urges. Oh I would almost forget. The professor signed me up for the high school table tennis tournament. I play in pairs on Wednesday with a friend, and on Thursday alone. How well do I play? I mean I play pretty well even though I’ve never coached. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Goal for tomorrow:

  • study math 7 hours
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