My journey during the last 7 days

So almost 7 days now( 6 days and 23 hours)

that’s an achievement

I will like thank each member whose comments and experiences inspired me.

I have been addicted to it for a long while.

one of the most inspiring ones was that as we progress further…new technologies will come and it will be more difficult to leave it.

I was trying this journey since a long time but was unable to achieve results…

So I like to share how I felt and I am feeling in this last 6-7 days.

  1. It is being liberated… the accompanied anxiety has definitely reduced. You feel you are the boss and the incharge and are proud.
  2. you kind of feel empty, low and fatigued on certain times, but you have to tell yourself it is part of the Psychological withdrawal.
  3. On certain times you do feel motivated and energised…that is good
  4. Urges don’t go away completely but you realise that it is not you but the urges…you have to let them pass


I will also need help I want your suggestions and support…as I am going to be in a high risk situation for next 4-5 days…how do I tackle it?


Just believe in yourself and you will make it happen


You can try this method. But always remember you are in charge of your body, it is you who decide to masturbate or not and like you mentioned the benefits, there are more to come, stay on the path and you shall see. :blush:


Currently on Day 14… so i can tell you what to expect and how to overcome that.

I was going to relapse on Day 11 because i was having constant urges. My addicted self was begging … to watch & fap. I fight it for 3 days but i was felt myself slipping somewhere. Thank God ! I didnt watch the videos which my mind was suggesting to me.

The situation went out of control when without my knowledge things happened… my hands automatically were searching for that dopamine high… i was trying to scrool down in my youtube feed… so that something might pop up and i get some excuse.
I play pubg and in that there is a girl character sara. My friends had that and she was wearing very little clothes… when we played … i was triggered by it. After that i went to youtube and put in search box… Hot sara pubg… After that i scrooled down many videos but they all were just cartoons like we play in pubg… so i didnt find it that High ! I mean my mind wanted real women kind of dopamine video…
It starts suggesting me to look for my fetish videos… it keeps screaming in my head… do it… do it… bla bla… bla.

In some time i felt myself trapped again.
And this is not the 1st time that i have fallen to this trick… i have done many relapses for the same trick. I started analysing the situation.
I said to myself… if you wants to relapse then… why did you do 10 days hard work… just to fall… And then i visualize myself after the relapse…
My companions will spit on me… my enemies will again laugh at me… My family is going to suffer… what about my daughter… shouldnt i be a strong dad… who can protect her… and not like a coward … loser…
But the mind was too powerful that time…
It answers back…

It said… Forget about everybody… they doesnt matter.
Then… i said to the mind… Ok… what about me…
Mind said… you will enjoy.
I said… Enjoy for 1 hour… or 4 hours… what after that ? What after that ?
For just 10 seconds of enjoyment i am destroying myself…
Did you forget… what you feel after a relapse…
And… whats the use of climbing when you are supposed to fall.
Thats how i shut the urges that day.
And after that i needed help because by my experience of 3 years of failure… i knew this is not stopping here… the mind will appear soon…
Before it gets me… i must get him.
So… i asked for help from my companions…
I made phone calls to them… just by telling my situation… half of my problem went away.
Next i needed was something to reduce my sexual stress… so that i can give myself some time… to regroup myself… to clean my system… and i got my answer in Fasting.

I did water fast for 24 hours… it drained my sexual tension and gave me some time… to recollect myself. And next day… i was ready to climb higher…
And… .
The best reason for this is
If you wanted to relapse then… why the hell did you done so much hard work for 10 days… Now… keep going… keep climbing… until you reach your goal.

So… Brother… Keep Going… New Experiences are waiting for you… God is just Testing you…
When you pass all the tests… you stay with your faith…

Power to you… & Peace.


Great work man, I love reading these breakthrough posts!

As for suggestions, I’m going to give you links to resources that helped me and hopefully will help you too. Take what you like from them and adapt them to your strategy. Good luck bro :muscle: