My Journey And My advice

It’s my 10 Day still a long way ahead. I had relapsed almost for hundreds of tyms.
some tips I want to share with you guys.
1 : Stay MOTIVATED All Time😎
2: Be safe from TRIGGERS. :pray:That is whenever usee something which triggers u lower ur gaze or run away.
3 : If u feel the urge RUN AWAY :running_man:from that place or take a cold shower as it has many biological benefits.
4 : MEDITATE :woman_in_lotus_position:
5: Keep ur self motivated all the tym. :man_in_tuxedo:
6 : Be aware Of Consequences of ur addiction. :japanese_ogre:
7 : Don’t OVERTHINK😇
8: Pray As much as you can. :slight_smile:
9: Love Yourself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
10: Don’t hold pee :confounded: I have experienced that most of the tym it’s the pee that stimulates us to do. because our brain have been so much addicted that it cannot recognize whether to pee or masturbate.

At last I want to say that I have been into this addiction from last 10 years. And still am fighting with this. I have seen so much of relapses, no fap things, controlled for months but still relapsed.
But now is the END. No matter what ,
am still young and still I can control this bad habit. And be more focused in life.
If a man has to be successful he has to be focused , and to be focused we have to see our daily habits. And to control our bad habits we have to be patient and stay motivated.