My journal until i reach day 365. Day 20

Hi, my fellow fappers and nofappers. I’m on my day 20 today alhamdulillah and my goal is to reach day 365 for 1 full year so let’s get it.
I’m gonna post here every day think of it as a little diary, or journal I don’t care whichever is easier for ya :))
On day 20 I still feel weak to go outside to basically do anything
I have had some bad thoughts last night but I overcame it
I feel like if I do this diary it will benefit you on my progress and motivate me to keep on doing and mostly not fapping
Wish me, luck guys.


all the best brother keep going like this

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Good luck man. But beware, the road is not easy. You will face many urges but if you break free from all those urges, no urges can stop you.


Still on day 20
I had an urge so i got on my phone and started to look 2 to 4 pictures and some how i changed my mind and stopped my self real fast turned off the program and exited out real quick
Still clean still strong

Day 21
woke up around 11 am feeling normal. I realized today that when I woke up I don’t have a booner, I Guess that’s a sign of low testosterone. but hopefully, if I keep it up I will have a booner when waking up. I was having some flatline on my 18th day on semon retention but I think it’s over because from 1 to 10 I’m feeling like a 4 right now.
through out the day, I had some lustful thoughts when I’m on TikTok but I still stopped myself. i went outside with friends that really got it offf my mind
but still clean.

Day 22
Today was hard i had strong lustfull thought to a point where i watched 1 or 2 video and pics i feel discussted and worst part is i still wanna watch it.
But im still clean still didnt fap

Day I forgot I’m going to try to not count the days now but yesterday I missed the day of updating you guys about how my no they went but it went good you know still clean didn’t nut one of the benefits I I had noticed is for the past two nights I’ve been sleeping 4 hours and I feel great I get tired back around 10:00 for like 30 minutes after that I feel fine I feel good another benefits I have noticed is my hair it grew up really fast