My ideal routine for the day

4:30 get up

4:40 write short story

6:00 have a breakfast and watch Jordan Peterson lecture

7:00 go to work

7:30 work

16:30 go home, have a dinner

17:20 take a nap 15 min

18:00 workout ( 3 days in a row then rest for 1 day, using phone app 30 days challenge, only body weight), take cold shower

19:00 read psychology books (Jung, Freud, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche), books about world war 2, holocaust, Nazis and Soviets and totalitarianism.

22:30 go to bed

Weekends are devoted to further reading, taking long walks, playing with my little niece, cleaning up, watching more lecture or few episodes of Bojack The Horseman.

I am alone without girlfriend, without children so this is optimal routine for me. I am taking responsibility just for myself for now. I am willing to adjust it of course when the right time comes.

Maybe it will inspire you to make something of your own habits and time possibilities.

Goat’s out


That’s a damn productive goat.


Hell yeah it is man and hopefully still will be

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You are the baddest goat on the planet


Thanks I got it from my goat father


I never thought I would be a goat fan… But I am already :rofl::rofl:

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Nice goaty plan over here but I think you need more sleep each night. Maybe wake at 5-5:30 instead of 4:30?
Btw, don’t trap yourself in a rigid plan, make it flexible because some days you’re just be fed up of doing the same things same time.
Go great goat😂

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