My girlfriend wants to join me here... We're both going to need encouragement

My girlfriend and I really want hard mode until marriage, sometime next year when we can get immigration worked out. Right now we are LDR.

We really love each other and have a very intimate bond with each other. We’re also both really sexy and have a predisposition to giving in to our lusts. So often times we can end up getting naked on the camera and then we fall into masturbation with each other.

We don’t want to do this anymore… We want to save sex for marriage alone. We need help and motivation and ways to say no when the urge hits us out of no where while we are talking.

At least I don’t view porn anymore (thank the Lord) but now we’ve become porn for each other D: we don’t want that!!! We’re more than capable of connecting without sexuality, with words and kind gestures and games and gifts, but it’s so hard to say no to each other when our hormones begin to rage.

Idk when she’ll download the app. She says its hard to download things on data where she is (which will not be disclosed) but she said she will join us soon.

Thank you in advance for giving us helpful hints.


Well this is the right place for you me and the other guys on this journey will help you just like I was helped to get through, your situation is very special one indeed, you just need to stop recording yourselves those are the first steps delete what you might have saved, it’s hard but you must do it, then you must resist to record each other again, try and not see each other as sex ‘objects’ sorry couldn’t find a better word, rather see each other as companion who have to stand for each other when things are tough, you kinda described it already anyways, you know where the problem is soo start with the smaller things, also this is the coolest thing partners can do with/ for each other’s its will only make your relationship stronger.

This is my code 01e5aa

Thanks man :slight_smile: we have no recordings thankfully. Its all done live generally on WhatsApp. But it’s no excuse… That’s what generally makes it so hard. When we are both in our separate beds and we are talking about our days, our voices get lower and lower, the romance sets in, one of us talks about how we would like to kiss the other and blah blah blah next thing you know we’re naked on the video call.

xuk9a1 is my code. Let’s do this friend!

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Nicee… I never tough I’d find someone who is going trough the exact same thing that we are with my boyfriend (we also want to save sex for marriage alone). Can i ask you something? Do you ever masturbate on your own but fantasizing about her? If so, how do you manage to avoid that? Cause that’s my major problem right now, God set me free from porn almost 3 months ago (Praise the Lord)

Yes I have. Many times. Unfortunately.

It’s similar principles to avoiding porn. When you begin to feel ththe urge come get out and do something else such as exercise or otherwise.

It is also good to think about something different, and remember that this person is a child of the King. I have to remember that I want to treat my girlfriend the way I want my daughters to be treated. If I knew that my future daughters were doing what my girlfriend and I were doing, it would break me.

Study the Bible, listen to dramatized versions of the Bible, etc. A couple of books that have really helped were Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ.


Thank you… Yes, we are children of the King, we are princes and princesses, we must behave…