My Flatline Notes

It’s the final phase of recovery. You fail all the time after reaching this phase, but not this time.
You may suffer for almost two weeks. Remember this, all your sufferings are temporal. Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Golden days are waiting for you.
Tips to fightback:
Get busy in your work. Sink all part of your head in that work. Get a deadline or create your virtual deadline.
Don’t let your brain have time to think about past and personal problems. Just do what ever your surroundings make you do.
Be careful.
Don’t fall in the trap of the devil inside you.
Remember everytime you take a break to think about yourself you are giving the demon a opportunity to manipulate you.
Be strong and strike.
Don’t waste time to dig your heals in the game. If it’s too late to get out of the mind trap, then there is enough time to escape from the physical trap.
If you are in the room, go outside. If you are alone, find someone to talk with.
Now, You are 100% ready to fight all the sickness you have.
Wish you best of luck.


:clap::clap: That’s true. It’s really hard not to think about bad habits. demons inside the head will entrap you into that cycle of despair and the only result it will forshadow is all negative shit you have faced all this time.
Train your mind to focus, that’s the key.
Stay strong and keep moving.