My first birthday on No Fap Day 26

One my life goals have been officially ticked off I have hit Day 26 on my birthday today! I make 25 today now I don’t usually celebrate birthdays as I see it as celebrating “age” which is just a number to me and an illusion to commercial time but yeah I had to blog this day still, this morning before work I woke up back to feeling great again! I felt a huge awakening within me today not just because it was my birthday but I felt a huge working presence inside of me like I was who I am and I was home, I haven’t felt that for the past 10 days in this reboot since I had this unstable flatline.

Also I want to celebrate remaining in a streak for the first time through my birthday, I got a surprise celebratation at work today and when I came home which meant I had two whole cakes for me and more cards lol

Over the years I’ve seen this genetic trait on my family that eeryone in my family ages very slowly I myst get this from my mum cause she’s in her early 50s and still looks like she’s in her early 30s, most people point out that I don’t even look my age, even before No Fap but today was great when I looked in the mirror today I saw ‘Life’ like I represented it, it was amazing and very ironic that I felt fully better today on my birthday this is why I think No Fap is a spiritual thing.

This month will also make the first time I ever beaten my highest streak at Day 22 and will be the first time I made 1 month! being a beginner on this journey has made me cocky sometines but I think through the cockiness and relapses I’ve learnt being humble is the key to what I realistically achieve everyday, “365 days” is a goal but any beginner who hasn’t learnt a lesson can brag that and aiming high is good but being realistic is better.

So yeah guys Day 26/90 I really want to make this a huge lifestyle of mine, because I do believe it makes me a better person at what I do, it’s been my goal! I made it official that I so t counting the days I’m just bragging cause it’s my birthday ON No Fap! :laughing: what an achievement for me laters guy and hopefully see you at Day 90!