My diary & compounding points

I will write my diary daily about how I spent my day without fapping.
I will give my self points which will keep compounding every day.
For example- for day 1… +1 point
For day 2… +2 point
For day 3… +3 point.
If I relapse marks will be again come to zero.

My first target would be to complete 50 points .
Then I will reward my self with a batch called Half century star.

Nxt target would be 100 points … century star.

Next target 300 points … All rounder star…

Then I will keep setting my nxt target.

I know this time I will suceed.
Any body wants to join can join me in this challenge…


After some intial struggle, today I completed 3 days without fap. I am very happy today.
So my compounding points are
+1+2+3= 6 points.

Hope I will soon reach my first target of 50 points.
& I can score my half century.

Completed 4th day without fap.
Urges were very strong but somehow I was able to tackle it

My score now .

I am very happy today.
After trying again & again.
Finally I crossed 15 day streak.
This is my highest streak ever in last 3 years.
I am feeling very strong now.
Strong will power.

My compounded score is

136 score.
So finally I crossed 100.
I scored a century.
M now a century scorer.

My next target will be to score double century now in few days.