My Day 7 I feel tired of Semen Retention

Hey guys
I Feel a little bit depressed today, This is my second attempt of Semen-Retention and the of Challenge of nofap. My first attempt was for 10 days before I relapse, the cause was that I felt miserable and the way I was ignored by all girls in Facebook. No female wanted to discuss with me so the only avaible person was a bikini model shown in Facebook, a virtual girl that she will never know me. Now I am in my second attempt I am in my day 7, I can support for more days but I feel terrible today, I have a sick in my head “I didn’t found the right word😁” so the best way is to discuss with this Community and maybe they can help me to stay motivated. But what motivate me more that the Ramadan will be in less than 1 Month and I would like to achieve the 70 days in Aid El feter.


Go get that 70 days. Don’t relapse, it’s not worth it. Get up and go outside or do 10 pushups. Just do it. Posting here means you’re determined to succeed-so beat the urge!


You can do it man, but only if you want to. Remember why you are doing this everyday. As time pass it will become easier but you need to be determineted. The most important thing is that you can do it. Don’t forget it!


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