My dairy of a young boy

Hello friends,
Here I am going to share the benefits that I have experienced while following no pmo for 40 days:

  1. less acne and more rapid healing of scar
  2. hair fall reduced significantly
  3. motivation to do work back
  4. concentration increased
    5 ) memory improved
  5. enthusiasm to learn new things
  6. higher spiritual level

Also I would like to mention along with no fap I followed daily workout of 40 min, rope skipping, one apple daily, dry fruits, high fiver + green vegetables, bare foot walking on grass, meditation of 10 min daily, english learning from Helloenglish, brain games by lumosity, ideas by Deeptash.

Conclusion : benefits will come when along with nofap you will develop healthy habits. So this has been my experience till now. :blush:


Bro. How can you say that? First tell me about your hairfall and then how much it healed? Thanks in advance. :relaxed:

My hair fall is in intial phase I can say, like when I put my hands in hair in manner we comb I used to get 2 to 3 hairs each time, but with nofap+ patanjali reetha shampoo + eggs it has reduced to the extent where I don’t get any hair on my hand now.

Also avoid putting water on hair everyday.

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