My daily log of becoming fap free

I’m addicted to fap from last 3 years now. I really want to quit this habit. Most dangerous thing that can happen to any human is addiction to this habit. It’s looks normal but it eat up your Time, your motivation to do anything.

It’s the most dangerous habit out there coz it’s something that will kill you from inside. So I’m gonna come clean out of this. I want people support so that I can remove this habit out of my life


Day 1 - 11 AM

Started out good. Listen to some music, I’m determined to not to do any fap today. I’m not using my phone for any social media app, I’m not even using YouTube as well.

I have identified my trigger is when I use too much phone by sleeping or seating comfortably. That time I usually get trigger to do masturbation. But that’s not anymore. So killing phone usage will indirectly help me to come clean out of this.


Day 1 - 7.30 PM

Day is coming to end, I have used phone with minimum of 1.5hr only.
No temptation, no distractions, nothing. I know I can do it.
Night are the hardest, I know. I’m prepared, I have already curated list of songs and music that help me heal and focus.

Today I read article that says if there’s urge then close eyes recognise that urge, don’t touch yourself just try to breath and see what that urge is about. Let that urge flow through the body. You will see that it’s just a mere temptation that just come to your mind and as there’s nothing to do, it will come and go just like that.

I’m gonna try this when I feel urge.

Other than that. I think day 1 is about to complete, 6 more days to complete full week!!


Day 2 .

Phone usage is reduced to minimum. I had habit to watching YouTube shorts or insta while eating anything. Today, I stopped that as well and I can feel the difference.

It’s not that difficult, I mean I remember I was never addicted to fapping when phone was not this smart, earlier everything was difficult to get. Internet was slow, and phone itself was slow so I never even thought of finding ■■■■ in the internet.

It’s all about easy access I think. So trying my best to restrict myself to all this easy access. I remember my friend who was earlier addicted to smocking used to tell me that for him quitting to smoke was the most difficult task.

He was telling his journey to me, like he started with having one smoke in a week. Then that reduced to 1 smoke in a month. He was telling that addiction can never go overnight. It’s small steps that he took to completely get out of that addiction.

So I think my goal of having fap free week, is that small first step!

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Day 2

Checkin time - 8PM

My phone usage is reduced drastically. Today it’s 1.5 phone usage only.
No YouTube. No insta nothing.

I must say, you feel lot better and energetic when you use less phone.
Today I don’t feel any urges, I started day good with calming music. All this helps me to concentrate better as well.

On that note Day 2 completed!

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Day 3

Checkin time - 10AM

No urges felt so far. I’m feeling better today, I have realised that fapping is not necessary for me. I can live without it. I’m not addicted to it so far. It’s just all in the head, if we can control our thoughts and tell ourselves that we don’t need that fapping then mind will also don’t allow such thoughts to come to us.

I remember Sandeep maheshwari lecture on masturbation. He said, fapping is not a addiction, fapping is your mind last resort when you have nothing to do in your free time. So if you live aimless life then you’ll end up fapping every now and then . But if you organise your day, know what’s your daily and weekly goal then mind will always be busy in completing those goals.

So let’s bring yourself good goal and start working on it!..

Let’s catch up in night and win Day 3 as well!!

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Day 4

Checkin time - 10AM

No urges so far . Today and tomorrow will be most difficult usually because I usually off from work during weekends. So I have to be extra careful now, I need to survive today and tomorrow. I’m confident that I’ll be able to do it for sure.

Usually I don’t have nothing to do on weekends but now I have things to do. I’m trying to have plenty to stuff planned over weekend so that I’ll keep myself busy.

Let’s see . I’m gonna become fap free! Let’s win today, Be extra and very careful today and tomorrow!

I can do this 4 more days to achieve full week. Let’s win this thing!!

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Day 4

Checkin time 10.30 PM

Today was kinda tricky day. I still don’t have urges thankfully but I used insta today to post something and for that I have to install Instagram again and once I open it, Oh God I got bombarded with so many photos .

But thankfully, I just did the post and uninstalled app again. It’s difficult for sure, I try to be extra careful now.

Okay tomorrow is day 5 , 3 more days to becomes fap free 1 week guy .

I can do this, I’m gonna become fap free. I’m not that guy who masturbate everyday and I will prove that!

Let’s win it!!!

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Day 5

Checkin time - 12 PM

It’s day 5 already. I’m keeping away from all the distraction and everything.
For me most difficult day is Sunday only . Coz on Sunday, I usually have free time. If I make it happen today. I’m sure I’ll be good for next full week.

I have made commitment to myself that I’ll be watching one piece gear 5 (coming on Aug 6) only if I’ve not done any fapping until that day. I know childish commitment but I watched that series for long time now, so it will help me for sure.

Let’s make it happen. I’ll become fap free, let’s come clean on day 5 !!!

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U r doing good but please don’t checkin every hour, more u checkin, the more urges u will get. Checkin every weekend or so and keep urself busy with work or else ur mind will give u a flashback of ur past dirty deeds and u will fall.
Good luck stay blessed :pray:


Relapsed :frowning:

Day 1 again

Sadly I did fapped yesterday . Anyways, I can do this, I hold myself for 4 days up straight, this is itself is a big deal. I used to fap everydays, Now it was after on 5th day.

I can do this. My Target is to have have no fap for 1 whole week, I’m gonna achieve that . I’ll win it for sure!


You surely will ,all the best!!

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Day 1

Back to my form again. I got distracted few days back, did some fapping and now I’m here again.

I tried to understand what’s reason why I fapped, why I was not able to control. I’m trying to understand all the small small trigger that I get. Even if it’s small one, I think unintentionally I have form a habit. It’s not just a trigger, it’s a complete system.

My trigger works like this - I’m laying on my bed, doing nothing but watching YouTube. After sometime, my trigger got activated and before I know it, I started doing fap.

So it’s not the trigger. It’s actually system of lying in bed, then watching endless YouTube then there’s trigger.

Finally I understand the pattern, now I think I will handle this. I just have to break the system and I’m sure, I’ll come clean.

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