My Confessions......✍

My Confessions are

  • My body is weak. There is little difference between a crippled and me if compared. My muscles are stiff and lifeless. I am a walking zombie by the way :dizzy_face:
  • My confidence is very low. Actualy i have no confidence over myself. I cant maintain an eye contact with people while in conversations.its akward. I cant walk straight. Its like i am hiding from people.
  • My senses are on agitated mode. I am always in anxiety, my soul is not at peace. My nerves are overactive like i have no control on them.
  • i have no job. I have no motivation to do anything. I am a loser.
  • i have no social life. I always feel safe only at home. I dont like to make friends and talk with strangers. My social life is almost zero.

So these reasons are enough for me to achieve a 100 Day streak. Wish me Good luck friends.


Its never too late to improve buddy. Take small steps. Start with Workout at home. Even if its only 5 pushups a day. Feel the Anger about yourself and use it. I had the same problem with eye contact. My head was even shaking, when i looked someone in the eyes. After i started nofap it was gone. I dont have to shame myself anymore. Everything lays in your hands. In germany we say, you are your own lucks smith.


Love you bro . Lots of love to germany.
Its motivating. Thanks.

The Emperor protects!

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You are indian, my good friend, let me give you an advice. Do yoga. It is not necessary to be strong for that, but give you physical and mental strength. Not meditation, that is not for beginners in my opinion. Do asanas, with a teacher, in a group class.I do yoga. I am not a good example, but I think it has helped me a lot. If you already do it, I have not said anything.

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I will give it a try.

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