My confession... please read

Hello everyone I’m clean for two days but I’m really worried because i have kept away or try to keep away from porn before but i only last for bout a week or two weeks before going back again… Something just snaps in my brain telling me to masturbate saying everything will be OK… I’ve been doing this for 3 years now(since 2017) the reason i joined this app is because i just realized I’ve been masturbating every day for the past 3 years… And it’s affecting me… When i don’t masturbate for a week i feel great like i feel happy to be alive but with masturbating i just feel gloomy… So now with God’s help i pray i get rid of this addiction one’s and for all by meeting with people that shares the same problem… So please support me and let’s support each other along this journey of finding happiness… Thanks


Download Incogquito apk from web, hide the app, lock that app download web browser from play store without incognito mode. Download digital detox and lock your games, chrome and social media. But dont lock your important things. It will ask money if you will quit. Lock it these things for 30 days and u will see a change


If you need any help tell me i will give you all the links and please download Microsoft launcher it has an option of locking hide apps and it is damn crazy. Give it to your colleague or partner and tell him to create a pin and lock all the hidden apps. And dont ask for pin. I am also using it and i am peaceful now.:blush:

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Write on a piece of paper why u are quitting, how you want your life to be, what you wanna do to reach there and how masturbation ruined your life… Write it all… Now, keep that in your purse or something… When urges come, our mind cant think clearly, we cant even think about why we are even doing this nofap… So open that paper and read it… Then close your eyes and visualize what u are going to achieve by quitting pmo… Just imagine anything u want… After 5 mins or so, u will think clearly and u just conquered an urge… Repeat the same thing when another urge happens… Dont worry buddy, you can do it… Keep going… :v: Congrats on completing your first 2 days btw… Many more milestones to come :muscle:.


Well, this is not so effective. If he has cleared his subconscious mind. He will be free and will not have nightfall and now he knows what to do.

My streak after writing my goals was 2days.
And clearing my subconscious mind was 11 days.

Then it was destroyed by instagram

What do you mean by clearing your subconscious mind? And how did you achieve that?

The mind we know is very big. The thinking is done in conscious mind but when we sleep we are in our subconscious state. And if you are thinking about porn in conscious mind. It is processed in subconscious part and we get wet dreams.

How to achieve this?

Just dont think about porn.

Whenever i get a horny thought i meditated.

Just simple.

Regular medidation
Eating fishes with high omega fatty acids
Orange juice

You are set.:+1:

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He didn’t ask about wet dreams… He wants to stop relapsing…

Wet dreams are simply our body’s natural way of getting rid of excess fluid. True, thinking about porn plays its part but its not the full picture. But its also about our body adjusting to the new lifestyle… Previously all the fluid used to leave your body while fapping but now there is no way right?

Also those wet dreams are not permanent, I think (not sure), as far as I know, there is a period where they happen but then once our body adjusts, they will stop…

I am on 91st day and I only got one wetdream on 30th day…

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Hola! espero tengas un buen dia, un humilde consejo. Empieza por cosas pequeñas :slight_smile: todos sabemos que este problema de la pornografía y la masturbación tienen raíces profundas. La verdad yo no ordenaba mi cuarto, no me bañaba muy seguido, estaba descuidando muchas cosas, también debo confesar que mi higiene dental no era la mejor.

Cultivar nuevos hábitos es lo que siento que necesitamos y para eso debes trabajar con tu mente. DEBES TENER LA CONVICCION DE PORQUE HACES LAS COSAS. por ejemplo yo tenia la convicción de lavarme los dientes todos los días porque sabia que si tenia problemas con mis dientes tenia que ir al hospital y podría contagiarme del covid. Otro ejemplo: hacer la cama, una vez vi a una mujer anciana que decía que era necesario ordenar la cama, de cierta forma ella agradecía todo lo que tenia dando manutención a todo lo que tenia y no dejándolo en el olvido. Lo bueno de hacer tu cama es que tienes esos momentos para MEDITAR. :slight_smile: también doblar mis ropas se me ha hecho costumbre. Estos hábitos de limpieza impiden que estes sin nada que hacer y que tu mente este trabajando. Espero que te haya servido.
Para tener un habito tienes que tener convicción, saber que lo que estas haciendo es bueno para ti. :slight_smile: saludos amigo y gracias por compartir tu historia.


@quesqueziel Hola! mi amigo :wave:
Tengo el mismo problema actualmente no doblar la ropa. muy perezoso para doblar la ropa y mantenerla de manera adecuada

Didn’t understand ur language but, I kinda google translated it… Here is what @quesqueziel has said…

Hello! I hope you have a good day, a humble advice. Start small: slight_smile - We all know that this porn and masturbation problem has deep roots. The truth is I did not tidy my room, I did not bathe very often, I was neglecting many things, I must also confess that my dental hygiene was not the best. Cultivating new habits is what I feel we need and for that you must work with your mind. YOU MUST HAVE THE CONVICTION WHY YOU DO THINGS. For example, I had the conviction to brush my teeth every day because I knew that if I had problems with my teeth, I had to go to the hospital and I could get the covid. Another example: making the bed, I once saw an elderly woman who said that it was necessary to tidy up the bed, in a certain way she appreciated everything she had by giving support to everything she had and not leaving it in oblivion. The good thing about making your bed is that you have those moments to MEDITATE. : slight_smile: folding my clothes has become a habit for me. These cleaning habits prevent you from being with nothing to do and your mind from working. Hope it has fit. To have a habit you have to have conviction, know that what you are doing is good for you. : slight_smile: greetings friend and thanks for sharing your story.


True bro…You spoke about conviction… That is what we need to get out of any bad habit… :handshake: @quesqueziel

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Thats what i am saying if you will not think about porn, you will not get wet dreams and if you will not think about porn from the core of your mind, you will stop relapsing automatically.

And wet dreams will stay with you, if you are not relapsing you will have a minimum amount of wet dream. Like 3 in a year.

Writing all your hopes in a paper will not help.
Changing your mind will help for sure.

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  1. Its different for different people, we all see things differently, deal with things differently and what works for you may not work for others. I am suggesting based on what I have experienced. Ultimately it has to help him… there can be multiple solutions to the same problem especially when dealing with addictions…

  2. its not that easy to stop thinking about porn/masturbation. May be a month after quitting, it can happen but its super hard on first or second week especially if its an addiction… Brain will crave for dopamine and thats natural… Also, masturbation is a habit and stopping the thought of a habit, how does it work? Like lets say you have a habit of watching a movie a day, do u think u can spend your days without thinking of it?

If urges are coming because we are thinking of porn, then what u said is true but its not always like that, sometimes we think of porn or masturbation coz its a habit, or if we are bored or if its the time of the day where we used to masturbate or when we are alone or our brain will want its daily dose of dopamine by sending an urge or if we are moody, or if someone hurts us, or having a bad day etc… For sure we can avoid an urge, but that would mean we have to be literally busy all the time, have our thoughts focused on something else… Its just super hard to do… If what you have said works for you, then its amazing to be honest…hiding and locking apps and all, its all good to avoid porn, but what about masturbation? What about our head and our imaginations? There is no locking them…

Trust me, its very natural to have urges… Anyone that went through addiction and quit will definitely have urges… No urges, no relapse thats good to hear but there will be urges and we need to be ready to conquer them with necessary tools… I said write on a paper to remind ourselves why we started in the first place because during an urge, its really hard to focus and looking what we want to achieve may reiterate the desire to resist the relapse… But someone who is religious can depend on god too, no need to write, ask god to give him/her strength… Or train his/her brain to immediately say no to an urge, or just take a cold shower, or just go out and roam around, or turn their focus on something else, a song or meditation etc… Plenty of ways… And again, there is always a chance writing on a piece of paper will not help for everyone… There is that too.

And regarding the wet dreams, they dont always come because we imagined something or because there are urges. Its also our body’s natural way of releasing excess fluid.

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