My confession (Masturbation)

I am 23 years old married man. I have been masturbating since I was 13 and it’s like a bad habit now. Everytime I feel low or discouraged with my life I pleasure myself with my hand. My wife doesn’t know about this. It’s like I’m cheating on her. I cannot help myself watching pornography. I need help guys. I want to quit this habit once and for all.


Hi @Mack1234,
Acceptance is the first step in healing process and you have taken that. We all have used porn as a crutch to hide away from negative feelings but its high time we face our issues and deal it in a mature way. We are all with you brother. Stay strong !!


My story is same as yours… except i have told my wife about it
& believe me dont tell her about it… i am facing huge mental pressure from her side also when i relapse.

I am not affected so much by relapsing because i know i can fix this but my wife starts war with me everytime i relapse.

My relationship has got destroyed by it. I am trying my best to quit it. Good luck.


Kinda makes sence of her to start a war, I mean look at this from her point of view, whenever you feel the need to pleasure yourself, instead of talking to her you go for the hand, it’s only natural for her to get angry over this, also you’ve not done this once but many times over, everytime choosing the hand, which might have kinda hurt her, but then again I’m not married so Ihwouldn’t know why she starts a war :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the journey! You have a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL reason to stop PMO: your relationship.

Some extremaly important advice:

  1. Use pornblockers or appblockers at pc and cellphone
  2. Delete account at any site that you may use to see porn or any kind of porn material (even “soft images”).
  3. Throw out every porn material you may have. Delete videos at pc and cellphone, throw fire in magazines and dvd, and so on…

Wish you a good fight!


For me, deleting all PMO material was the first serious step… And it was a lot of material.
I had pics, movies, games, mangas… Afterwards I realized how sick and disgusting it was, how many precious days I’ve wasted making this horrendous collection.

I’m married too, and believe me: never underestimate the damage PMO will do to your life if you let it.

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Hey mate, reading this thread really helped me! I am here for exactly the same reason. I am 27 and recently married. Every time I was stressed or depressed I used PMO.

So much had PMO ruined my marriage I preferred it to my wife. Not only did I stop wanting to make love to here, I couldn’t even become erreft but I stopped wanting to even be with her instead choosing to hide away with PMO over doing day to day stuff with her! I still cannot bring myself to tell her about it.

Here’s to all those married fellas fighting this addiction ivjnkw together we can win!