My conclusion on the EasyPeasyMethod weeks after reading

So I thought I will share my experience with the easy peasy method once again. A few weeks have passed and I was going with my NoPMO let’s say easily. 43 days on my counter for those who wish to count. It doesn’t mean much to me for a while now. It was also part of the method but it’s not what I wanted to write about. If you want to know what the book says about counting, read it.
What I want to clear up is what has become clear to me as the time passed on. I read a few comments on the method, mostly positive. Glad for that. But I wanted to make it clear that the Easy peasy method and book is not some magic trick or unknown wisdom that will immediately transform your mind or way of thinking. If you expect magic, you won’t get it. But what you get from it is fantastic.
So what does the EasyPeasy method gives you, what does it do to you? My taking from reading the book is this:
It simply opens a door in your way of thinking that was closed long ago, due to your addiction to porn. It opens this door and this is not a one way door but a two way one. You can go out into life through it, and life can come in through it in different ways. You will have a new perception that will teach you new things in life. Things that used to leave you with negative feelings, won’t remain like that. You start to have a realisation that, that is never the end of them. In some cases, you will find out that your negative perception was the one that made you think that those are negative results while they are not at all even if they are not in your favor for first. Other cases will simly fall to be a misunderstanding. Finally in some cases you will find that yes, there is a negative thing at the end, but you will have the living hope in you that it is not final and can be changed.

For these 3 cases my examples from personal experience:

First, when I thought something negative but it wasn’t true: I had bad mood, which led me to think that my friend in work simply abandoned me because of my mood, so I thought she doesn’t think of me as a friend. I was wrong. It turned out she was angry because in my bad mood I closed myself to her as well, just like to others. While she expected me to be more honest and open with her. This was an awesome experience. I learned that there is friendship and care iut there even for me. I just have to be open for it. Porn made me think I can’t be loved anymore. One of the greatest lies of porn we sometimes didn’t even realise.

Secondly, I had to make a decision. I had a project in work which costs the company a few thousand euros. We were done with a part of it successfully, but another part failed for the second time. I had to choose to send it to verification this way or redo the failed part for the 3rd time. I expected my boss to be mad due to the extra cost it generates. At the end I decided to be honest and face the consequences. He was not mad at all. He trusted my decision immediately and let us redo the test production as I wished. Sometime our expectation is bad, because the negative filter we had on our mind due to porn, but surprisingly, honesty is still the better option, even if there would be consequences.

Third is simple. I’m fat.109kg to be precise. I still have more than 25kg extra on me. So the truth, which is quite negative is that I am fat. Can this be changed? Heck yes it can be. When I started, I was 127kg. I know that on the summer of 2022, I will be in my best shape since high school and I will be satisfied with my body. Till then I know I’m fat, but this won’t control me, I will control myself against it.

I hope this was helpful, go strong brothers and sisters and let’s meet on the other side of that door, out there in the life we all seek.
Peace to you all!

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