My brain is dying

Today I wanted to be productive by learning something. I tried learning about UI/UX. Then something about front end/back end programming. But after 5 mins of every topic I couldn’t go on, because I simply couldn’t concentrate on the topic. My eyes literally doubled to the screen and the sentences were so blurred and the sound was like it’s coming from far away and they were unclear. And I don’t remember anything. Why should I live with the useless brain?


I was in the same exact position as you. I know it’s tough. Take such experiences as a motivation to never fap again. Be strong. There’s light ahead. Porn and flapping reduces the concentration power of brain. And fills the brain with toxic thoughts.
May force be with you.


What if I live my whole life like this, just because the addiction will turn to be stronger than me?

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Hey Mr.
Think positively, anything in existence takes time, especially if the challenge is positive. Drugs and unwarranted sex, for example, are easy to obtain.
But you are here because you wanted to be a decision-maker that your weakness would not be defeated by the temptations and desires of the world …
You need to repeat your calculations for being in the forum and not rush your affairs, as everything comes with determination and willpower. Continuous training even if for a short period at the beginning …

Focus_on_goals .


No it won’t man u just have to have faith in ur self. U have to stand up for ur self and fight until things go ur way even that means failing over and over again. Don’t blame things on ur addiction maybe things got worse because of it but u have to take responsibility of where u are right now because at the end of the day the choices u made got u to this point. So don’t give up easily because the road to end to this thing is long but to make it to the end u have got be strong. And trying and failing are things that are going to make u strong because that’s the only way ur going to deserve to finish the journey.

It’s not. Addiction is a part of you. You aren’t a part of addiction. In the end the choice is yours. Always at each step, choose wisely.

Withdrawal syndrome. I experienced it yesterday. It messed me up, hurt so much. I fucked up a test as well. Wanted to just give up so bad, because of the pain. But didn’t. I pulled through.

My takeaway is to quit watching things for entertainment in the morning, till evening. This includes youtube, webseries, movies, or anything you find too easy, not even discussing on this forum. this puts the brain in an easy mode for the rest of the day, and may lead to brain fog for the next day too. so, first hit all your targets. study, read, exercise, meditate, only then you are allowed to enjoy content.
Also, i found that showering helps to recharge focus and willpower somewhat, though for a limited amount only, it’s nothing like the focus you’ll have in the morning after a good night’s sleep


no it won’t @levonad we will beat this. we got your back. now i know you might be going through hell. i’m feeling the same way too. we should remind ourselves-hell isn’t infinite, it’s gotta end somewhere too, right? if we’re going through it, we should just keep going, even if we’re crawling. if we stop, we just sit there and suffer more and more. if we keep moving, we will eventually, see the end of this. sooner or later

Look where we are. This masturbation and porn habits have almost swallowed us…
We have to fight at any cost…

Fucking i relapsed today after 92 days because i watched some porn content that leads to bit semen outflow without masturbation…

We have to fight it… n we will fight.


i feel for you brother. DO NOT go into chaser. On your streak right now!! write a confession. How do you feel?

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I think i will not go into chaser because i didn’t my self that pleasure that i used to give…
Earlier i used to Watch n masturbate this time its just 2 30 sec video… lead to this…

So even if i released, technically i am one steo ahead.
What the wrong thing i did or my mind put me in the trap tgat i wanted to talk with girls. So that i can feel some relaxation.
That finally put me in a wrong zone.
So i decided to i will avoid talking to some of good friends(Girl).
So that i go through the pain more intensely…

I know it wall too well
Try one thing
Sit down an listen to how your body feels. I then often feel extremely tired or recognize a severe monkey mind.
If you are tired -> Take a nap, sleep more, do less sport (if you do too much)
If you have a busy mind -> Write all the things down which go through your head (that takes them out of your head), drink less coffee, mediate.

This helps me a lot!