My 3 pillars of nofap success

Commitment- I have stopped fapping, I have made the promise to never fap again, I am sticking to that promise, I made the choice to commit to nofap from day 1 and focus on my self improvement, I keep my gaurd up I don’t let myself slip if a trigger pops up, I don’t let anything in my path stop me or get me down, I commit to nofap from day 1 because I know that where real change happens.

Mindset change- I already know PMO, edging, and peeking gives me absolutely nothing, I know relapsing will cause me to be stuck here for life, I know it traps me in the same endless cycle over and over again, it only makes me feel worthless, depressed, numb, shy, and anxiety, it’s a waste of time, I also know that unless I break the endless cycle and commit to nofap, I’m going to be stuck here for the rest of life, I will never get a girlfriend, a job, a car or a house, I will never succeed in life, I would be a failure, so I know that the only way I’m going to break free from the PMO trap is if I commit to nofap from day 1 as mentioned in the first pillar of commitment, and I know that when I have stuck to nofap long enough, it becomes the new normal and soon becomes a lifestyle.

Sexual transmutation- I know urges are natural will be with me for the rest of my life, same with every man on the planet, I know that urges are normal and it’s nothing to worry about, I know when I get urges it doesn’t mean it’s something to panic about, I know that there are other ways of using this sexual energy, that’s called sexual transmutation, I use that energy for many things in my life, whether its Hobbies, work, excercise, working out, or jobs around the house, when I’m doing something in either of those categories, I am putting all my energy/effort into one of those tasks, and I keep doing this until the urge to PMO is gone, sometimes I will have a cold shower afterwards to help keep me focused. For those wondering what sexual transmutation means, it means you’re channeling your urges into energy and you use that energy for other things in life.

Those are the 3 pillars of nofap, and in order to be successful you must use those 3 pillars in your everyday life and you will be successful, just don’t neglect any of those pillars otherwise you could relapse, as you get further into nofap and your life starts to improve, the the 3 pillars will happen automatically as nofap starts to become a lifestyle.


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