Music videos. Pornographic dream & relapse

I would like to share what caused my recent relapse.

I had very vivid images of sexual intercourse while half asleep and wasn’t fully aware that I was masturbating during sleep. During sleep it felt like I was watching porn in real life. Then orgasm occurred, that woke me up and then realized I had pornographic dream and orgasmed because of this, during sleep.

I’m thinking why would I get such a dream? Even though I did not watch porn for more than 100 days. Or maybe it happened because I watched music videos that show sexy scenes very often, that could be linking my brain to pornographic dreams. It’s sad, because I love music, but I’ve to avoid watching music videos because they forcefully put sexual romance in it.

Lesson learned. Back to Day 0. New target: break my last streak record. And I’ve to completely withdraw from music videos that show sexy scenes.

Brooo!!! If this was from a dream then why reset???


Exactly… Your companions say save the streak!

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You where inconsciently fapping. So i dont hink that modifies dopamine, isnt a relapse.

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