Music Multiverse 🎧 (Hindi)

Although I don’t comment usually on political stuff but this movie is blown apart fiction. Please don’t trust the narrative. Also, Kashmiris and Khalistanis are way apart. They cannot be equalled.

I see there is a lack of factual insights here. Let each one mind their own business. And just like that, all Artworks are a Propaganda. Be it Pro or Anti, if some art prefers silence over issues which demand a voice, it is also a Propaganda and if an artwork misrepresents an issue it is also a Propaganda. There is always manipulation involved.

Even Nationalism is a discourse. You are made to believe in it. One must never equate Patriotism and Nationalism. Patriotism means being honest to the country’s welfare. Nationalism is much more limiting concept of being possessive and almost fanatic about one’s country.

Sadly, Kashmir is an issue which has been raised even inside the UN and there has been serious human rights violation there. UNHRC’s reports are available on the UNO website. Khalistan is an altogether different issue. It was a demand for a separate nation and was seeking cessation. There was arms and ammunition involved. It was a full fledged armed conflict.

We must learn to hold referendums like UK held in Ireland and Scotland when the nations demanded freedom from UK. We must never force a group of people to remain under the sovereignty of a nation which they don’t recognise as theirs.

In recent times, Indian politics has been limiting in its scope and many communities feel left out. Unfortunately people don’t seem to realise anything and are continuing down the line of othering and hatred which will not bring anything but disturbance and discord. I am not a YouTubie person who should go on and post links but in case you feel like knowing more about the Falsehood involved you can search it. Many speakers have spoken against it. Even the government asked the producers to add a clause stating that the movie is entirely fictitious. Earlier it said, it was based on facts.

I will not be commenting any further on this. I detest political discussions and I feel nobody is here to take part in it.

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Bro my full name is literally written on my profile
You can spell it

ये जाहिलो का शहर नही क्या जयपुर क्या दिल्ली


One of my favourite childhood song

Cycle puncture kar laayo

Marwari lok geet

Note- Kaaliya (Kaalu) is a name of a person😂
And not just a racist remark.

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Everything is Possible :muscle:


I didn’t read this post earlier but seriously dude, You want that we should free our land due to some Khalistan and Pakistanis shouting. Kashmir and Punjab will always be a part of India. FYI Khalistan movement is already dead in India.

I mean how, in recent times scholarships and benefits have been improved if you check properly.


I was just thinking if we start holding such referendum, maybe someday my colony ppl will ask to hold a referendum for a seperate entity. Also it might happen, that many “M****” dominated districts demand that… We have seen people rasing slogans of “Pakistan zindabad”.

So its no wonder.

My final stance is " Pehle POK aazad ho phir Kashmir ki aazadi pe baat ho… And that piece of land is a integral part of India, if due to some issues, that the demographics change suddenly during night, then those ppl dont deserve referendum(1990)"

And its better to leave this topic now.
I habe texted you something. You can check the reason for the same.


This song saved me and made me cry :face_holding_back_tears: :pray: ! I was about to relapse but then found this song!

:om: नमः शिवाय :pray:


Arre it has the same tune from “Chale jaise hawaen” from Main hoon na :joy::fire:


You will thank me


This was just music right? No Mantra chanted. is the Mantra in built in music or something?

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