Movies and Netflix Series reccomendations for Nofap

In this topic post movies and series that are motivating, and ones that you reccomend people should watch.

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A movie I reccomend is The Karate kid, The Karate kid ll, and the Karate kid lll, There is also a movie called The next Karate kid, but its not as good as the first 3 movies.


There is also a Netflix Series called Coba Kai, it’s a spinoff sequel from the Original Karate kid movies, there are 4 seasons and it’s definitely worth watching.

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Well ive finished rewatching Cobra Kai, it’s interesting what happens with John Kreese at the end of Season 4, I won’t reveal too much information though since some of you haven’t seen Cobra Kai, and some of you are probably still watching it.

There’s a 5th season coming out and it’s gonna be interesting what will be happening in season 5.

There’s a Netflix series called manifest, it’s about a plane that takes off and lands years later, the passengers then start to hear voices.

It’s something that ive been watching and it’s an awesome series to watch.

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