Motivation for you and me(timeline)

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No Fap alone is not a magic quick fix pill and it will not magically fix all your problems (but most of them) without you doing your part (actually sticking to your personal no fap rules and being disciplined about it, even when it gets tough).

What’s also good to know is that especially for those who have been addicted to porn for a long time, the first few days are going to be the hardest. It will have the same effects on them as if they would recover from any other addiction. The urges will be strong and their willpower will be challenged to its absolute maximum.

With that being said, some of the benefits I experience during the first few days (day 1-day 7) of a streak are: 1. increased energy and strength,

  1. feeling happier and more masculine,

  2. heightened overall awareness,

  3. almost not a single bit of fear during anything social,

  4. Increased desire to take action/higher motivation,

  5. Increased attention from women and feeling much more attractive,

  6. I often experience a flatline after day 3–5 but it is often gone by the 7th day.

Day 8–15: 1. much higher self-esteem and bold confidence,

  1. being more present to the moment,

  2. increased desire for real social interactions,

  3. feeling sick just by the thought of porn,

  4. social anxiety is next to non-existent,

  5. deeper voice,

  6. starting to treat women as human beings rather than viewing them as bodies for pleasure (this is one of the many other negative and destructive side-effects of porn, it literally makes you view men and women as nothing but objects for instant gratification, doesn’t matter if you are male or female).

Day 16–23: 1. Starting to feel like a normal, healthy and natural human being,

  1. Muscles become harder,

  2. improved relationships,

  3. looking healthier and much more attractive,

  4. Laser sharp focus and concentration,

  5. Urges often become extremely strong to the point where my body is shivering during this stage and it is here where I relapsed the most. What helped me overcome this urge was doing something productive asap and taking cold showers.

Day 24–31: 1. Being in complete alignment with mind, body and spirit,

  1. things that used to bother me in the past such as worry, insecurities and overthinking are no longer a problem,

  2. being ‘in the flow’,

  3. improved social and conversational skills,

  4. having full control over the things I can control,

  5. again, increased attraction and attention from the opposite gender. At this stage I had moments where girls asked me out on dates, wanted to get to know me (both online and offline), always stood close to me etc… It’s like women can sense semen retention a mile away and it seems to be irresistible for many of them,

  6. actually feeling emotions and like a human being. Because almost everyone who masturbates and consumes porn too frequently uses it as a escape mechanism to not deal with uncomfortable feelings, they become numb to them. Because of this I believe that No Fap removes this numbness and finally lets you feel your emotions again (no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable), just how it is supposed to be.



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