Most NoFap benefits are lies and hoaxes (very inspiring)

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Most NoFap benefits are lies and hoaxes.

It gives you only one benefit, which is pretty much one of the most important aspects of one’s personality.

It is Discipline.

It sounds simple, but it is one of the most difficult arts to master. Discipline is an art that requires knowledge, skill, sensitivity, and self-confidence. Like any art, it is one that you will acquire through training and experience .

Ever wondered why you refused to help your mother with grocery shopping for example? Ever wondered why you didn’t take your dog for a walk for almost a week? Ever wondered why you are constantly saying : " Nah I won’t study today , tommorow is a day too" , but tommorow becomes a week , a week becomes a month , a month becomes a year and finally a year becomes never and you end up giving up?

The answer is plain and simple. You entered the extreme comfort zone and you lack of discipline. You still rely on your parents , you accept and love the fact that you have whatever you want in front of you without deserving it.

You don’t have money to go out with your friends? Naah I don’t need to work , I have my parents’ allowance every week into my pocket.

You don’t have a girlfriend to have sex with? Naah who needs one. With just typing a certain websitte, I can pleasure my self without interacting with girls in real life.

Fortunately for you , you can escape the comfort zone like I did and walk the magic path of discipline and success. Realise that you will suffer, but sh*t guys believe it… IT’S WORTH HELL A LOT.

I was addicted to the comfort zone and like most of the people. Discipline was out of my mind and my vocaburarly.

I’ve came to realise that I must change when I noticed two friends of mine who stem from third world countries in Africa.

Their story is very moving . They came to Greece for a better future . And of course their dream came true. Why?

Because they were EXTEMELYYY DISCIPLINED. From their childhood , they were in SURVIVAL MODE . We take breakfast , lunch and dinner for granted. For them it was a battle of life to find and eat food.

They came to Greece through lifeboats and they were caught lots of times by the coast guard and sent back to their countries. In the end , they managed to arrive successfully at Greece. You can imagine their success story now I guess.I don’t have to say anymore.

Their whole life was full of burdens that threaten their life. Poverty , dehydration , starvation … you name it…!

Learning foreign languages and studying for exams seemed so easy to them. Most of these stuff like working , studying for 7-8 hours per day , cleaning your apartment , doing favours , helping relatives and friends seems like a mountain to deal with for us.

To them…hahah… I can’t describe with words how easy those stuff are…

So let’s get to the point…

Do these to practise your discipline and escape the comfort zone.

Get up from your BED IMMEDIATELY AFTER you wake up

Workout hard and don’t skip a workout no matter what

Stop masturbating
Do these three and I 100% guarantee that within 3 months your discipline will skyrocket .

Generally do stuff that you don’t like. That’s the only way to practise discipline like it or not. I gave this advice to one old friend of mine who lacks hell of a lot discipline and he answered " Life is too short , to battle with yourself". Guess what. After 5 years he is a complete failure and he finally admitted that I was right.

Remember guys… Our time on this planet is short , so make it count.

Jun 17, 2017


So why did his friend become a total failure after 5 years? That’s a hella lot of time. What he says is right. Life is indeed too hard and short to battle with our own selves.

I don’t agree with you.
Not only discipiline but nofap gives you balls to Do whatever you want to do in life.


@anon66785751 I don’t want to sound rude, but what is your highest Streak? 31 right? This guy has probably reached 90+ days. First reach 90 days then you will sound more credible.

Dear brother,
I don’t think this guy you are talking about was on hard mode.
And, though i have not reached day 90 but i have done many times 30-30 days streaks and has experienced all those benefits which are claimed by a majority of nofappers. I have an experience of more than a year into this thing. So your post makes me pissed off.
Generaly, many benefits comes under 31 day streak. I have recorded many fucking benefits in my own diary in which i did a 21 days streak.

Topic like this discourage beginners and makes me Angry as Hell.


Thank you , you are absolutely right…and I will try my best to get out of the comfort zone.


It proves it doesn’t discourages people. Thank you. I rest my case


Before reading your comments, community members flagged it.
I want to read them.
Personal message me.

I think you are absolutely right with this post.

In my opinion, what resurgent says is true too but only for shorter streaks. In short term you do have additional things like concentration, more motivation, less brain fog and so on.
But what nofap gives you is way more then just less brain fog.

discipline or the motivation to do things that others don’t is an extremely important thing if you wanna be successful. That is what makes us great.
@anon66785751 that’s why I don’t see that this should be discouraging. You are always saying nofap will give you all the marvelous benefits just because we do nofap
You say after 360days you will get an amazing job and a beautiful wife (that’s from your topic). But nofap doesn’t just give you that.
Because of nofap you learn discipline or mental strength! if you wanna have an amazing job, you now know how to fight for it and hence you will get it.


I shall talk with you guys when i shall break my personal best of 31 days. :facepunch::facepunch:

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I completely agree with your post. Also, I don’t think it will discourage anyone, nor do I believe @anon66785751 is completely wrong either.
I think some of the so called benefits or super powers people experience when on a short Streak (and by that I mean up to one or two months) are by products of training your discipline. If you don’t fap you spend a lot of time and energy on other things, you get rest for your brain because its not under fire 24/7 and the hormones like Endorphine you stop feeding your brain have to have some impact on your overall mood as well.
But in the long run discipline makes the difference. Taking your life into your own hands makes the difference. If resurgent wants to believe its purely a biological matter of storing his semen, he’s free to believe in that if it helps. For me, it didn’t, and I also think it is the first step of falling over and over again if I just rely on “not fapping” will change my life. Not fapping for me is a by product of taking my life into my own hands, as much as eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis, caring more about my friends and sitting down to work.

So please stop fighting over different approaches to this. Its not about right and wrong. This will end like a religious war, and those never made any sense :smiley:


Nice to see people having similar mindsets.


A request to everyone, let us keep the forum a conduit to vent out our thoughts. If you like it please do appreciate it, if you dont like it please ignore it unless it violates the community guidelines. Let us try to keep the discussions healthy and motivating. Promote what you like rather than bashing what you dont like.
Everyone has different ways to perceive things it is not necessary that what you think is universally correct or vice versa. At the end of the day we all are hear because we want to make our lives better and break free from the shackles of the addiction called PMO. Lets try to achieve that goal together.

Happy Nofapping, Stay Strong


You’re like that guy on any Group Discussion that keeps chirping 'Let’s come back to the point; it’s outside our topic; let her speak guys and so on.

No, the world isn’t all rainbows and sunshine laced with unicorns walking around. People need to have debate, discussion, arguments and need to toughen up to survive in this world.

Extremely sorry bro if I hurt your feelings.

No you didn’t. The point is to debate, discuss, and even argue if necessary.

The question is always if it makes sense to discuss or debate, and how to do so.
If we discuss on how to spend 10 million dollars of tax money on public matters, there needs to be a solution, so we discuss because we want to convince others to do what we want or think is best.
But what’s the point in telling someone his approach on nofap is wrong? You can simply give your opinion and maybe others take it as an inspiration to enrichen their view. If they don’t want to, what’s your problem with that? Only reason would be your own insecurity, and I don’t see why you would hurt or attack someone else just because of that. That doesn’t make you tough, it proves your own insecurity on cost of others.

I used to be like that as well, and changing in that aspect helped me a lot :slight_smile:


What about various ideological thinkers who argued with each other as to what’s the best way to run a market? What about countless intellectuals who have given contrary theories in the field of public administration? They were also arguing for their theory and countering others. They were also telling others that ‘their approach to this subject is wrong’. If they had accepted your approach, we would not have had different theories on the same topic and today we would not have be been able to make a good and informed decision.

People need to take criticism about their approaches. I don’t care what resurgents’ approach is towards Nofap and I didn’t start this debate about ‘different approaches’. He came here and told me that it is getting him pissed off. What should I’ve done? Just accept that my approach is indeed wrong or have a discussion, which exactly I did. I have no qualms about it.

Actually, I didn’t even had any discussion. I simply ignored him with couple of ‘yawn gifs’. You guys had a discussion/debate of your own. I simply intervened when ‘modern day Gandhi’ came into picture and gave a speech to not have any discussion.