Morning wood is gone

I have been masturbating for I don’t know how many years . And recently I have noticed that my morning wood is gone that’s why I have started this no fap journey .
This is my Third day on N.F journey .
I hope things return to normal.
I have deleted Instagram.
I have deleted vpn’s
can a anyone advice me what else can I do to remove triggers?


Welcome to rewire!
You have already taken some awesome steps in a great direction. Good for you!

The biggest lesson I have learned from my experience is that trying to avoid triggers will never work long term.

What helps me the most is having a good thing to run towards, a hobby, a job, exercise…

To answer your question, some things to do to avoid triggers (based on what helped me)

Uninstall social media and YouTube.
Don’t get on my phone or the internet in general without having a clear plan beforehand of what I am going to be doing, so I don’t aimlessly browse.
Cold showers work wonders.
Get a regular sleep schedule. Don’t stay up late or sleep in too long.
Find a challenge group on the forum and join; they are fun and engaging.

Of course all of that is easier said than done, and I don’t always follow my own advice. Also, different things work better for different people. But, I hope that gives you some good ideas for where to start. Best of luck on your journey :+1:


Thank you so much for giving these valuable tips . I would definitely stop uselessly browsing. Something which I do regularly.
Good to know that there are good Samaritan like you to support me in my journey. Will keep you updated about my progress . :relaxed::relaxed::pray:t6:


Can you tell me how to change the profile picture?

I have android, so ios might be different.

Go to your account, then preferences, then edit picture. You can use one based on an email avatar or upload a photo of your choice.

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Thank you so much for the help . I hope my profile looks better now. :relaxed:


finally after almost 8 days of no fap morning wood has returned and that too as hard as I remember. I don’t remember getting this hard in a long time . :scream_cat: If 8 days of No porn/ No fap did this to me ; what’s going to happen after each passing I wonder . That’s it guys .


Glad to hear that brother maybe u just in phase of flatline and no matter what happen stay strong and never give up!!!

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Bro can you please tell me what’s flatline?

flatline is phase when u have low libido like u feels nothing about sex (that why people dont really get morning wood) or anything u interest before. If u want to know more about flatline just search in forum box there will a lot of people talking about it from start to end

ussually it will trigger at early stage of nofap (depends on person)

Ok I will serch . I hope there’s not any problem though.

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