Morning Erections

Whenever I wakeup…I have storng erection and this leads to relapses…very often…what should I do…


Bro, this is normal and healthy for your reproductive system. This is a sign that you’re not suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

When we start going for complete abstinence from sexual activity, our body has its own natural mechanisms for ensuring that your penis is working well. If this wasn’t present, we would have developed ED easily after few days.

Now you should be working to cure the addiction from the brain, the neurological addiction and the brainwashing (EasyPeasy recommended)

By adopting a good morning routine, and having a fixed sleeping time and fixed waking time, morning woods are easy to overcome.


Completely normal. And signs of vitality in a man’s body. But I understand that the erections are not the issue, the relapses are.
My advice… stay away from the medium that you use to relapse, phone, laptop etc.
Every morning you wake up, get off your bed, wash your face, eat a healthy snack( banana, apple) and go out to exercise. Maybe a jog or cycling.
The endorphins that build up after exercise must surely counter the urges and leave you relaxed and slightly drained.


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