Morning advice?

Usually I have sexual dreams and as im waking up in the morning I can often find myself touching myself. Since im pretty much still asleep or just waking up, Im still very drowsy and not totally concious, aware and in control. So Im basically edging until I snap out of it and get up.

Any advice on what I can do to avoid it.

Also, sometimes I wake up so arroused that end up reaching for my phone and watch porn. But I manage to stop myself and not ejaculate. But i can stop myself from edging because its basically happening in my sleep.

The morning is the most difficult time for me because im not fully awake and it can ruin the rest of my day because when this happens I usually keep getting urges throughout the day.


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Take control over your hands, eyes & your thoughts.


This is the first step of Nofap.
You have to win over yourself.
Keep trying with full determination.

But what im sayin is I can during the day. But im basically touch myself in mysleep when i have no control.

Meditate before sleeping.

Also its more of a :dragon:than a​:banana:. Just had to throw that out there.

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Yh Ill give it a go.

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Hahahaahahah i wonder what its like to tame a dragon.

All things are possible… focus your all power on morning wood time.

Before sleep give yourself positive affirmations.

Its time to tame your dragon.

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Also, would this affect my streek or position in last man standing. I mean I haven’t ejaculated just a drop of pre cum from getting hard. Id preffer i never get hard again but what can i do.

I like it. Go to sleep planning to concour my sleep and morning.

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Man I have the trick for you. Put a strong alarm on your phone, and put it at a place in your bedroom that you can’t reach when you are on your bed. That way, you HAVE to get up to turn the alarm off. Believe me, on e you’ve stepped out of bed, you are in full control of yourself.
Try it and let me know if it works bro :+1:

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Will do. Ill try it tonight. But sometimes i wake up earlier than my alarm because of this. We’ll see what happens.

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When you will reset yourself.
That day i will count your relapse.