Monk mode Challenge

Anybody interested in the most powerful method of doing No-Fap, “The MONK mode”. It has many variations from out of civilization monks to living in society with ‘monk-fullness’. Rules I am going to set are for the overall mental and physical recovery from addictions and co-addictions ( binge eating, television, internet, etc.). Developing brain free from all compulsive behavior. Rules :-

  1. No-Fap

  2. Follow 5 second rule (i.e. to let go of any thoughts relating to sexual/sensual thoughts by cold showers or by chanting/remembering God’s name)

  3. Doing intermittent fasting (16:8) everyday, with just 2 meals.

  4. Doing alternate day fasting 2 times a week.

  5. No entertainment - no films, no shows, no television shows, no GAMES (basically avoiding anything that is fun/pleasurable)

  6. No alcohol, no smoking, no drugs

  7. No social media (YouTube, FB, Twitter,viber,etc) but can use communication apps (whatsApp, skype, rewire​:smile::grin:)

  8. Exercise at least 2-3 times a week (following “Convict Conditioning”)

  9. Meditate daily

  10. Dedication towards a new skill-set (painting, coding, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, etc.)

Anybody else interestedinterested to reach the limits ??

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Credit No-Fap forum

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Right now I’m doing everything except fasting…
Nice idea bro :+1:
But I’m not a regular guy here.
So, sorry my friend.

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Bro i can take on this challenge but, i will not follow fasting as I’m too skinny and on wieght gain diet. If you agree then let’s go

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