MO vs PMO the balance

I feel happier with porn out of my life, I’m not sure I’d feel better or be ready for Masturbation to be out of my life altogether, I’m 14 days without Porn and in that time I’ve masturbated 3 times,I don’t feel regret at that as I used to with PMO…I guess I just think its a big ask to do both cold turkey and risk blowing the whole thing


Just know that you can do better than what you think.
This mind is a tricky shit sometime. You should think rationally and take decisions.

All the best


Thanks…but I’m just trying one thing at a time tbh

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When I started my journey to quit PMO at first I tried to quit only P. I kept failing all the time, doing only MO and a few days later returning to P.

I was only able to succeed when I decided to quit everything, and by everything I mean PMO. Yes, it was not easy, but it was totally worth it. I’m a better man now.

In the past I used to think that MO was ok, but now my ideals have changed. I can think of thousands of reasons why MO is bad, religious reasons, biological reasons and so on.

But the thing that worked for me to see how bad MO is, was think about this scenario:


-As an outsider, think of a man having s** with his woman. Then think of another man, alone in his bedroom doing MO.


Tell me, which one do you want to be? Which one is probably a winner in life? Which one would do better in a job interview?

I may be too radical, but I’m just sharing with you what has worked for me. You can find other things that will work for you.

Best regards.


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