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Welcome Everyone, A bit about me and what this post forum is about.

Name: Michael
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Status: Single Straight Virgin Christian
Story: long story short young teen browsing internet instead gets redirected to porn. I suffered that for a bit but managed to quit. Later as an adult slowly went back down instead of porn as a fap addicted and now trying to abstain and change my way of thinking so I can hopefully get a beautiful Godly Wife.

This post is about

  • My Diary
  • Urge Logs (this will be hidden for those that feel like it could trigger a relapse. I put everything down in writing because it helps me get it out by expressing the problem)
  • Motivation / Advice
    And there to be anyone’s companion

God bless, stay strong and awesome


Motivation Music of the Day:
(You're Gonna Be Okay (Lyric Video) - Brian & Jenn Johnson | After All These Years - YouTube)

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Keep it up bro. All the best


Thanks @BreatheAndLiveLife stay STRONG and AWESOME


All the best buddy !!!

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You too @risinglion123. Let’s Defeat this thing together :heart:


Urge log (contains detail logs of sexuality. I write to get it off my chest per say it you get what I mean. Warning Read for the Strong only)


Short summary
Coming to night time I’m in bed and my dick is hard. It’s so hard it hurts just a bit. My mind is all over the place and the main thought is wanting so badly to release this sexual tension. It’s day 18 of not cumming as a high sex drive struggles to not think sexually and all. I hope the longer l abstain the better my mindset around sex can become

You are not alone in this journey. Although I’m not virgin, I’m also a man in my 20’s, and I aim to get a Godly wife someday (I’m also a Christian).

Today it is day 370 for me!

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Thanks and there are wonderful people here on this app like you. I’m trying so hard to stay sexually pure for God and it’s dang hard. This fight is not only flesh and blood but a spiritual battle. May we all have strength through him


Motivation Music of Day:

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Has anyone had this: I was going to the toilet and notice my dick was covered in pre cum. I rubbed it off a bit but as soon as l touched my dick it was like a pressure valve. I just squirted pre cum

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Urge log: something about expressing yourself to words is a lil sign of relief

For the Strong only

Today was a massive struggle.
Woke up, went to the toilet and pulled my foreskin back to then find that I’m soaking wet with pre cum. I don’t have a clue why but either way I use my thumb to rub it off. Anyways just me touching it my dick for the first time I squirted a lot of pre cum. It wasn’t a relapse but it was a strange situation. The whole day I was soaked with pre cum and it wasn’t to do with dirty thought. The whole day was a struggle and a first time experience. Anyways this confusing day I survived and no relapse

Keep going, keep improving, keep getting stronger ever…

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