Mild urges, strong temptations

So today I made the mistake of going back to bed after waking up… then I started getting urges. But after going to the bathroom I did have some semen leakage. Usually when I have semen leakage I just want to finish it off because I’m not sure what happens to my body if I don’t.
But I don’t want to have to reset my streak again just because of my horrible urges.
I’ve been wanting to work on my music but not when I have semen leakage cause I feel so uncomfortable and dont feel like doing it.
Anyone have any advice?

Hi! @Bashi
Since you’re on right now I will ask you for advice on this. The urges are increasing at a very fast slope.
I still have much left to read on easypeasy but I noticed something it mentioned that made me think, is resisting dangerous?
As in, to stop completely or gradually. I really want to end it from day 01 but the urges seem to be extremely strong. I’m not sure how to go about this. What is your take on that?


@Ash_Matt since you also logged on. Any advice. I’m in a code red scenario, could use back up.

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  1. Pray, leave all doors and windows open
  2. Remember how you felt last time you relapsed.
  3. You are more than this!
  4. Pray for your future spouse
  5. Do some exercise/meet some friends
  6. Urges? Pathetic. Who gives into them?
  7. Imagine absorbing all that sexual energy and use it for something good.
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@Ash_Matt I do think of my future spouse wherever she is. But it’s not just the urges.
This morning I had some semen leakage (I was not peaking, I just woke up and went back to bed unfortunately)
And usually when I have semen leakage I usually just want to finish. I dont know if it’s out of fear of not knowing what happens to the body if I dont or if it’s just some other thing I put in my head. Ahhh :persevere:

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Honestly man, I think you are overthinking this. It’s semen leakage. Keep it at that. Go take a cold shower. Get as clean as possible. Then get out of the house, go meet friends, hang out with them, play some sports. Do your thing. If you don’t have friends, then chill out with your family. If your family is ignoring you and you wanna work on your music or something, then leave all the doors and windows open in your room. The risk of getting caught keeps most people from relapsing. Just start working on your music. The more immersed you are into your work, the less urges you will have. And lastly, listen to thug life songs coz thugs don’t jack off


@GOVIND-19 thank you for the response. It cheered me up too :sweat_smile:
I will not argue that I do overthink things. Sometimes more than too much. Some may believe paranoia is bad, others see it as a way of avoiding danger. I just wish I knew better.
I’m still holding strong and will try to do as you said. I just, am not used to doing things unclean, not only is it uncomfortable, I feel very off in a different state.

It’s hard to explain all these things but I try my best. I thank you all for the support though. It means a lot.

What are you doing still texting here? Go take a shower right now! Go! Come back and tell if you feel different.


Semen leakage is totally normal. When your semen accumulates due to no fap and is not discarded by wet dream, it then leaks after urination.
It’s totally natural and necessary. You will observe when u contract your bladder and muscles to urinate harder, the semen will leak. Allow it to leak completely and when it stops leaking after washing with water a couple of times and you are clean, you are good to go.
You will feel relaxed after semen leakage as it will reduce your desire to ejaculate as semen no longer is available to irritate your testis and make you horny. SEMEN LEAKAGE IS SORT OF A BLESSING.

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@Yitzchak hey, sorry, I wasn’t really online actively watching the screen, so I missed your message.

Keep in mind that urges are only as strong as you allow them to be. It really is. For the time being, do something else. Go for a walk, call someone, workout, listen to some music, etc. And then when you have come back to your senses, keep on reading the book. You can escape PMO from day one, you just have to realize that you are not being deprived of anything.

Take care.

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Brothers, I would like to thank all of you for your responses. I was having urges and ot was very stressful but I didn’t give in.
While the urges were not so extreme the temptations were. Fapping is a very deceiving thing, and I was close but I managed to overcome this day and not be afraid.
Thank you, @Bashi @GOVIND-19 @Ash_Matt @NeverGiveup420 @Dean_Ambrose . It may not seem as much, but you have all helped me and many others. You are all appreciated.