Mental Orgasm - Peaceful Progress

1.The simple act of a kid smiling or even simply looking at you.
2.That old lady in the store coming to you asking for your help (I work in retail).
3.That man thanking you for helping him get his product.
4.That manager appreciating you and telling you that you are a great asset to the store.
5.The salary slip coming to your mail box.
6.That puppy lifting its paw to give you a hand shake.
7.That car slowing down on road to let you cross the pedestrian crossing.
8.Random woman messaging you for a charity work.
9.That woman on the window seat of the bus, checking you out.
10.That chicken recipe you made 2 days ago, by learning from YouTube.
11.That pictures you take in your mobile after you completed your job.
12.That old memories of porn making you feel laugh at all those old curious mistakes you did while searching for your favourite porn scene and porn actress - (Flashback).
13.Recieving messages from your silence.
14.That gut feeling telling you to avoid wrong people at all costs.
15.Some random woman calling you as sir.
16.Some random woman calling you a gentleman.
The list goes on.
I embraced my name Mystic Sage only after I committed to this path of killing 3 sins of P M and OO.
The list of simple sheer joy - sheer driving pleasure - As we see in a BMW ad goes on and on.
Rise song by Jonas Blue and Never give up song by Sia kept me sailing.
Love you all to the bottom of your souls.
Keep striving.
Keep thriving.
Vasudeva Kutumbakam.


ty for sharing that inspiration !


Oh wow.
Reading all this made me happy. Or should I say I just had a “mental orgasm”
Good post.


Welcome brother.
Thank you.

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