Mental game getting stronger


36 days complete. Middle of day 37. I’m 16 junior in high school btw. I was in love with this girl and i was thinking now because of nofap I have the confidence to ask her out for lunch or something. As I was preparing to do this (about 5 days ago) I found out that one of my good buddies was now dating her. I had spent hours thinking about this girl and when I heard my friend say they were dating my heart sank into my stomach. But that night when i was driving home i thought to myself: I’m not going to let this ruin me and I’m not going to be dissapointed. She was a pretty girl and she’s lucky to be with my friend. I didn’t want this girl to ruin our friendship because of some dumb rivalry. That night I cried like I lost her. I cried and cried like a bitch (disclaimer I dont think crying makes you a bitch). After that night life has been AWESOME! I think my mental strength is really improving because now im enjoying life more than ever. Before I would’ve let my entire month be ruined but now I wish her and my friend the best of luck. I know I’m so young and other girls will come around. Even when I am writing this I have so much hope and optimism for life. PORN AND MASTURBATION DESTROYS RELATIONSHIPS. PORN AND MASTURBATION DESTROYS LIVES. kids my age dont even know how to have a conversation because their minds are lost in the world of porn and pleasure. I could’ve let this destroy my friendship but i took that and strengthened my friendship. Ya nice try devil but you won’t ruin me. Not today not ever. If you’re struggling just know once you get rid of that shit you start living life.


Proud of you brother, at such a young age you are introspecting and winning over such situations, I know how it feels to lose the opportunity to date our crush, it actually feels like the end of the world.
I was so weak that I used to fucking drunk dial my exes and cry, you are a much stronger person. You are doing it the right way… :smile:


You are a Hero my friend. You will get a nice girl in the end. Outer beauty is not everything you must look for some pure soul.


Look at this young hero here, if only i had this mindset at sixteen, proud of you mate keep up this mindset be a positive humanBeing and stay away from p m o


I wish i had this maturity at my age. good job brother, keep going.

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