Mental aspect of rewiring

I have been trying to quit porn for slightly over 3 years and have 21 days as my record streak. I am ashamed of this, especially having relapsed on day 6 today… 3 times.
I am doing well in other aspects of life (running 60+km a week, meditating, reading, working and studying, cold showers, the whole plethora of healthy habits to quit…)
I even tried journaling.
I suspect the problem is not about adding more of these things on my to-do list, but changing my mindset… Any suggestions?
Also, I haven’t tried having an accountability partner, if anyone is interested I can share my code.
Thank you for your time.

Have you tried a 12 step program like Celebrate Recovery? You can Google it and find one close to you. I believe in these programs. Apparently they work and have helped millions of people. They can provide an accountability partner as well.

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Unfortunately, there are none near me. But, I will look around for something similar. I think having something Christ focused is a good idea.
Do you have any experience with these or do you like them only from a theoretical view point?

Yes. Celebrate Recovery is based on Bible scripture. I like it. There are other 12 step programs. They are sometimes called SAA meetings (Sex Addicts Anonymous). I think these programs work because they focus on people discussing their problems and struggles. Mentors who had walked that path help those who are trying to change their life. It’s all voluntary. There is a lot of privacy as well. I’ve felt good going to those meetings.

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@HeracliusD a 12 step program is amazing brother. I am in AA and it’s helped me a lot. One of the most powerful steps is step 4 and 5, they kind of go together. 4 is were you write down every single thing in yiur life that you are ashamed of, every person you’ve ever been resentful at etc… It takes a while. I’m talking deep and dark fears man… everything you hate about the world, people and yourself. Then step 5 is to share it with another person.

There is more to it than that… And e careful who you share it with man… The wrong person with such information can destroy yiur life.

For now though, maybe try being honest on this forum, you won’t get judged.