Men's mental health

I don’t know how it is IRL for you all men out there. But I felt since I was reading articles and all, obviously because I felt this a little because my big streak got broken, I felt a weird sense of loneliness.

I am someone who believes that lot of mental health issues can be dealt with by having a good routine and being a little tough but I know till what point it is valid and at what point some help is needed.

As for me, since the 10th class got over and career and all shit came in life, I have failed to make close friends. And after 12th it became all the more difficult. Made one in College first year but he betrayed me in end of 2nd year (literally the worst time because most of the friend groups are formed by then). I also know he suffered too but he didn’t talk one word like I am not kidding, I kept asking him and he didn’t even uttered a single word. Then with no choice left I started roaming with other friends who I used to talk sometimes. But I can’t go much close with them for some reason.

Now in last one year, I have achieved some big streaks, worked on myself. But this shit in some way or other have came back to hurt me. Tho when I have goals, I don’t feel alone. But one bad shit and things look difficult for atleast a week.

Sorry for the rambling, I need to be tough I will do better. Just wanted to put this out.


During my 9th and 10th I don’t enjoyed my life because of this addiction and failed to make friends but in 11th class I decided to change I saw the videos on YouTube saying that positivity can do anything and power of universe, aura etc so from my last Relapse 6 day ago I made a decision to not to get depressed over little things now I am taking positive approachs and it’s helped me a lot previously I was used to be a quite kid but now since I started to think positively I am talking to everyone in class doesn’t matter from which section of class they belong I started to bunk 4th period of my class so that I can go to play with the students of science stream in the period of physical education they are my friends now in some time I will change my stream from commerce to science. Positivity matters no one cares about how you feel just stay positive for yourself. :smiley:


What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create
". :four_leaf_clover: