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I can understand ur feelings. Bcs im same like u bro. Due to this addiction i couldnt study properly. I wasted 2 year.i cried lot of time in my room alone.
Then i decided do or die .now im coming back.
My body is mine. I have to controll it .i will insha allah.


After result I was in stress. I don’t know how to I reach ■■■■ site and why I watch sexual content.
But I feel guilty.
After relapse suddenly benefits of nofab has been gone.
That is glow in skin, positive energy, calm behaviour and so on.
Next day of relapse, I faced severe headach suddenly I start carrying, why i do?
And mood swings started
All thing happen
Ist step of I saw a sexual content of curiosity
Than next day urges start and I relapse.
If I want to lifestyle of nofab 1st assure that Deciplian, there is no other option.

Suddenly I stop update about nofab in my dairy.
I was thought about I recover from sinn
But that was my huge mistake.
I watch lots of ■■■■
Now a days that effect
I feel weakness, don’t feel do anything.
Lots of head headaches
Glowness on my face disappears
Look like a ugly such us dark circle on my face.
Today I start my new journey.
Basic target
No youtube
No social media
Wake up 5 am
Meditation and exercise
Shower 2 times whole a day
Screen time 1 hr or less
Drink water 3ltr
Sleep 11pm

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Day 000
राधा राधा :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:
Woke up 8.45 am
No meditation
No exercise
Yes youtube
No social media
Relapse chanace 100%
Yes today relapse
Drink water 1ltr
Mobile more the 3 hrs
FEEL sever headache
Lost my carrier

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