Media and pornography

media nowadays is not helping at all eather. There are two wolves fighting each other inside us. One is bad and one is good. Who’s gonna win? The one we feed. And media is always feeding the wrong guy in us. So in part for us to overcome this we have to avoid all kind of videos, images etc that create sexual thoughts or feelings in our mind… otherwise we are not gonna make it.


I will suggest that try leaving fb, Twitter, insta, Snapchat etc etc. all these social media platforms have destroyed our peace and simplicity of life. I removed everything from my devices and I can say I am now making good progress.


Keep away from the music channels on TV completely and divert your gaze when watching movies if it stirring your pants. That’s what I do.


I’ve deleted/suspended all my social media accounts till I consider myself rewired.

That’s when I found out that cellphones actually works for calling people too ahaha😺