Maximum duration to control urge

Is it possible to control urge for 1000 days?

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If you are controling it for 1000 days. It simply means You want it badly.

To walk the Path… One must give up pleasure completely with pure heart… like a kid.

Penis doesnt exist for such a man.

If you are looking to fuck somebody… Urges… will always be there.


You dont count the days.

“Make the days count.” - Muhammad Ali.

Thats a lifetime commitment.

Can we rise to the challenge?

I personally find porn to be boring asf now. Its the same shit again and again when you think about it lol.


Hypothetically I guess so, although I think in reality no. Because when you actually control and fight an urge it will go away usually within a day. Maybe two or three if you are just starting on your streak. Once you get higher up in the days, the urges become weaker and weaker, so long as you got that far from fighting urges and not just from being lucky and not having any at all.

If an urge is lasting for 1000 days it means that you are feeding it somehow and not truly controlling it.


i think the urge always be there. Because we are humans, we also have the instinct.
the problem is when it’s unnatural, like porn do, turning it in a monster out of control.
i think man should live a natural life. a natural life has urges. an unnatural life has addiction to porn when the urges come.

so maybe we do to this a BIG DEAL when we relapse, some dudes think about suicide after so many relapses. I’m have to be honest, this is not big deal. They MAKE this a big deal, if you won’t be able to quit when you want, you don’t need to freak out if this not risk your life. Go help some people, you’re not a complete monster because just fap yourself when you are lonely. this is bad and need to change but you don’t need to freak out.
new days every come and we can improve ourselves.