Masturbation myths

Here we will masturbation myths and problems


Comment down your problems

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Im 18 and i dk why i sometime feel high and like get aroused, is it okay ???

It’s totally normal but if you masturbation 2-3 times a day you feel aroused by just seeing girls pictures or by thinking about it.
Just stay strong don’t watch porn.
When you ignore and don’t masturbate when you feel horny you will become stronger than this feeling.

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Nope i don’t feel horny usually but like sometimes
And i usually like my according to my current sterak i mastrubate after near about 4,5 days minimum and highest was of 7 days which i made few days ago
I have started my journey and i hope i will make longer streak soon
:slight_smile: thank u
God bless u

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Ohh btw where are u from ?and are u doctor too ??

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Watching porn and then fapping over it, fucks up your brain reward system.

Don’t fuck with your reward system.

No I’m not doctor but I’m studying this topic since long time

First Topic ‘NIGHTFALL’

Masturbatiion or nightfall is natural in males and is 100% safe and healthy. The semen is produced daily and sperms r produced every 72 hrs so they have to come out of the body for the newer one to get produced. **If you r masturbating twice a week you will not be having nightfall.

Ohh nice how long have u trying to quit it ???

Its totally false , who said that we need to masterbate to avoid nightfall , i was having 25 days streak and i didn’t got any nightfall during the streak.
Do not masterbate because once we masterbate a chemical named dopamine would be released in our mind which will force us to masterbate again and again and therefore we should follow nofap.


Past 1 year I have been trying to stop this habit but now I think I can. Currently on day 8. Throughout this journey I have learnt a lot about masturbation, how body worksz etc.

And it’s not to stop nightfall but if you masturbate 2 time a week you will not have nightfall. I started my nofap journey and on day 5 I had a nightfall.

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