Masturbation habit is difficult to break, this is why

One of the reasons masturbation is the most difficult negative habit to overcome is that, it starts secretly during childhood for many reasons and we become experts at hiding this habit because it starts at a very young age. Then, masturbation is not highly discouraged by doctors because of sexual liberation movement and society shies away from it because masturbation is seen as taboo and not discussed openly in society about the scientifically proved negative psychological effects in the brain as it is a habit machine. 3rdly, masturbation affects even the non alcoholics and non smokers, non - weed users, which means, it is affecting nearly all men except a few special cases only. And since we men walk around with our sexual organs, it’s easily available with us to play with. Unlike cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, you have to get them somewhere, but not in the case of sexual organs, it’s always there available. And since orgasm releases dopamine, just like drugs etc, it becomes one of the hardest bad habits to break. So now think about how much of deep mindfulness a man needs in order to keep masturbation out of his daily life. Stay committed.


I agree with you 120% bro. Very well said.


Thanks for reading! You’re welcome :+1::slight_smile:


I agree but like to add that this doesn’t only apply to men. Most women I know started with this at an even earlier age at average


It applies to both genders of course. But I have decided to speak in behalf of men only for the sake of simplicity and brotherly association. Thank you :slight_smile:


I have realised this for a while now, well said the mindfullness part is where the healing starts still working on mine.


@nagate any help you need when you feel lonely or out of control, just remember I’m here for you brother. I’m just a message away. Together we are stronger and we will win through. :muscle::+1:


Thanks for the kind words Brother We will win This! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: 2018 is the year of rising new man


Your last message deserves a double like

Agree wholeheartedly! I’m lucky to have you guys in this journey.


Me too i am thankfull for having such awesome dudes on one this platform.


@will1 and this one too.

I’m delighted to help you :+1::innocent:

Yes, that is difficult! But I made my best fap and ejac. before I start on hard mode! I think billions of people still doing it.

What’s your current streak on Hard mode? @Error404notfupped

18 days, but I haven’t experienced the big one urge yet.

I do have small urges, but the bigger one… I dunno.

Wait, before I started this program I do fap 2-3 days a week and once a day. Am I considered addicted to masturbation?

You will self realize your level of addiction to masturbation by observing your success rate practicing NoPMO NoFap on Rewire app.


I want to keep my streak straight, I will not come back to my past anymore.

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@Error404notfupped is fapping compulsive? If you find it hard to walk away from you have to decide for yourself if it’s an addiction or not. Work for your breakthrough and you’ll find it with no PMO.

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