Masturbation effects and No Fap withdrawl syndroms

I wil discuss about my journey and the withdral symptoms I am facing, I hope you can contribute too. Hope this will help others to be mentally and physically prepeare.


Day 29:
I started fapping when i was 15, now I am 28 it it got more severe. I lost interest from normal sex but started to like BDSM. Started to having problems like pe and ed. Also low self confidence, home sickness, no purpose, living like a zombie no intention of doing anything challenging.
So one day I thought It’s enough I need to stop and do something good. I decided to quit social media, block all porn and even I choose to use a tft phone instead of smart one.
Now I will tell you about my journey so far.
First Week:
I didn’t had any problem, I felt great no problem at all. Just good things high energy, boost in confidence, enhanced focus and more stamina. I did yoga and a bit meditation that time.
2nd Week:
I started to having chest pain, body pain a bit of shortness of breath so i got worried and gone for a check up. but doc told me it’s not a problem related to heart its Acid Reflux. Later on I did some research and got to know that it’s because pelvis and stomach is close so sudden rising heat made my stomach problem.
3rd Week:
Still having acid reflux, and a bit anxiety, and having over thinking restlessness, lack of motivation
4th Week
Insomnia, craving for masturbation, sex visuals and acid reflux but less severe, but sensitive to cold. hope this can help you, I am really worried about next month because e as per my mentor 30 - 66 days is worst time, the withdrawal symptoms get more severe this time.


Day 30:
Yesterday I told you about how I am facing shortness of breath, chest pain and acid reflux, then I did a through search and found out most appropriate reason for it.
Yesterday i did an anxiety level test and I am shocked to found out it is severe level. Till now I never felt anything like that no symptom at all so I never gave it a thought. As per experts my brain was able to get the dopamine to suppress the stress level through the masturbation and porn , as it can produce 115% more of normal dopamine level, but that doesn’t mean it was curing or decreasing my stress instead it was increasing in subconscious. If I never started no fap I wouldn’t have know about it. So my fellow friends don’t just think it’s just a bad habit, it’s a slow poison which is very much able to kill you.
As of me I am having sexual thoughts and urges but I am able to suppress them , today I noticed I am not having morning wood may be I hit the flat line.
I will keep posting and help you to get a more clear view on this. Have a great Day. If you have anything to ask or say massage me.


Thanks a lot for sharing.

It’s interesting to see how the journey works for some people…

For me, I had a light Flu-like symptom too. Hot flashes that only cold showers could calm and shortness of breath with insomnia.

The interesting part comes when we start reading about methods to suppress the urges that some people tried and worked but that we wouldn’t have think about.

Methods that have worked for me:

  • cold showers (having a nice “pump it up” song playing really makes it more enjoyable)
  • jogging
  • going to church or praying at home
  • mindfulness
  • join a support group (like AA)
  • leaving Facebook and Instagram
  • watching so many videos on YouTube about the dangers of PMO to the point that my feed has mostly that
  • becoming more active to keep my apartment clean
  • short periods of online gaming (games where you must be very focused, like racing or PvP)
  • going out for a walk to buy groceries
  • occasionally buying clothes
  • taking care of my plants
  • healthy eating
  • leaving a movie playing at night on my phone to help me fall asleep and keeping me from using it
  • writing on these posts
  • keeping a journal (write on it every morning and night)
  • not taking my phone to the WC
  • waking up early, making my bed and getting well dressed so that I avoid staying in bed in my pajamas.

That’s all I can remember now because other methods have become habits to the point of being part of my new normal.

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I forgot to mention “Sudokus”

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