Masturbation can causes Social Anxiety?

I want to know that masturbation can cause social anxiety and if it does NOFAP can help to overcome it. And how much time I’ve to do NOFAP to see overcome it. Sorry for my English. Plz just give me your advice.:frowning:

Masturbation cause shyness, socal anxiety, change the way you look on other people and things, changes your attitude to life.
Nofap is required to overcome social anxiety. But only nofap is not enough. It’s mostly about what you bring to replace anxiety in your life. It’s about challenging yourself to improve everyday. Feeling tired, sleepy, having brainfog… it dissapeares after 2 weeks. Then you need to rewire your brain. You need to change your habits.
With every simple day you can see the whole world in bright colours, which attracts more people to you. You see people more friendly and they feel better when close to you. You have more interactions.
Whole this process is not only about anxiety. If you’re addicted, many things in your life probably are ruined. Your self esteem, your family relations, your studies, your friendships. It’s not about fighting porn or anxiety. It’s about regaining all you’ve lost due to addiction. It’s challenge you need to fight every day to be happy, to see yourself in bright colours again.
It’s addiction as every other addiction, like drugs or alcohol. It’s believed that 90 days are required to cure. But it’s impossible to achieve 90 days without changing your everyday habits step by step.


Thanks brother, I glad to see u gave answer to my question. Social Anxiety has ruined my life. It becoming worst my parents are passed away and now I’m alone in my life and everyday there are suicidal thoughts in my mind. Thanks you.


That was a great piece of advice @Hubinho .
I could relate my problems and solutions now after reading that. Thanks a lot brother.

All the best @HelloDarknessmyoldfriend on your new journey in life. Never feel alone everyone is here to help you.
There were ups and downs in life and there are going to be more ups and downs. Just remember dont loose your focus on your goal and dont give up. Everthing will be okay!


Thanks [email protected] God bless you😊

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