Masturbation affect on gym workout

I want to know that i regularly do exercise ( walk + home gym workouts ) and try to maintain good diet…

despite that i am unable to stop my mastrb addiction…

i do it usually once in 3 to 6 days…

now i have simple query,

does mstrbating affect my body’s growth and performance by lifting weights etc… ?

moreover, how much time after mastrbn, i should avoid gymming… should i take rest on the day when i fap or no problem to exercise…

one thing more that when i mastrb… that day or a day after i feel loss of energy due to which it is difficult for me to do pushups and lift weights, i mean more power is required but i manage by using more force…

so hope u get the point…

The problem is what is the reason for the association of masturbation in your life in the first place, do not masturbation and you will feel better and complete in performing sports and enjoying your healthy habits .

Try to do this , you will do it :muscle:
Try , because masturbation it’s a great waste of your energy that can be better used in other healthy and beneficial practices for your mind .


last month i did it 10 times… im trying to resist it, this month 4 times i had done… will try to decline by 50% … then gradually stop this

Yea bro, masturbation can ruin your potential fa NS after a workout. I’m not saying you won’t gain any muscle, coz it mostly depends on workout and diet. But testosterone is an important factor in optimal muscle growth. What happens when you masturbate after a workout is that, a lot of semen is lost and body has to use a lot of blood and testosterone to produce that amount of semen again, which could have been used to build muscle. When you abstain from masturbation, that testosterone used to produce semen can be used to build muscle. And masturbation before workout can legit drain you man. Yes you will lose a lot of energy in the process, but that’s not all. Masturbation relaxes your muscles, therefore you won’t be able to perform properly in the gym. Your muscles are not in that pumped up high energy state, it’s in that chill mode, which is not good. There’s more, masturbation floods your brain with dopamine which significantly reduces your motivation to workout because you already got way more than you get from working out from masturbation. So yea, in short, if you are working out, masturbation can affect a lot of areas, like muscle growth, energy, and motivation.

However, the fact that you are working out regularly is a good thing. You said you aren’t able to stop masturbation right? Working out can help with that but only if you get into the right mindset. What I’m trying to explain is that, when you work your ass off in the gym, you’re pumped as fuck, and burned out your muscles, you need all the nutrients you can get to recover and grow. Now diet is the most important factor in it and rest comes next. Now, after working your ass off in the gym, maintaining a clean and nutrient rich diet, and plenty of rest, you can recover 100%. But if you masturbate while recovering, you will only recover 75%. Would you be okay with losing 25% of potential growth knowing how difficult it is to workout and maintain a diet? If your hard work needs to pay off 100% you need to stay clean all the way. Its like money in one way. If you work hard at your job and save money, would you be okay with wasting it on unnecessary shit? You’d rather save up and use it for something useful right? You have to develop that mindset, that all your hard work will be for nothing if I give into my urges for a few seconds of pleasure while. That’s about it man.


@GOVIND-19 bro please tell is it good if I do exercise every day?? Or I, should take 1 day rest in a week? In, exercise I am running in the ground and I have 2 doumbells in home… And doing some pranayam. Usually I take 1 hr for all work.


Depends bro. For example, when you say running, do you mean sprinting or jogging? and for how long do you run? What is the intensity level? And what dumbell exercises do you do?

Pranayam is yoga, you can do that everyday.

If you sprint, or if you do long distance running, then you can rest one day a week, give that legs some rest. If you do high intensity dumbell exercises in a progressive manner for your entire body, then a rest day is good for you.

But if you just jog for a couple of Kms and just do random dumbell bicep exercises, then no. Its low intensity training and you don’t need a specific rest day. However, don’t just train biceps with dumbells, I’ve seen a lot of people do that here, that’s the wrong way to train.

Lemme make one thing clear, if you need bigger arms and stronger arms, you should prioritize triceps over biceps. And never neglect forearms.

You can and should train your whole body with dumbells.


Can you suggest some exercise for lat using dumbbell?

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You can do bent over rows, single handed rows are better for getting that isolation on lats, for this you can go heavy. dumbell pullovers are great too, but do it in good form and lighter weight.

But to build lats and back muscles in general, nothing beats pull-ups. Its the OG back exercise. If you have access to a pull-up bar, then I suggest that. Or if you have resistance bands, you can do lat pulldowns as well, which is amazing


Bro do you have a bench in your home or use chair? How do you do these in home?


For bent over rows, you can use anything to support yourself, chair, bed, anything. For pullovers, you can do it on the floor, you won’t get as much of a stretch as if you were doing it on a bench, however, doing it on the floor is safer for your scapula and rotator cuffs


:white_check_mark: Got my answer bro. Thanks… I am running 3 km ,walking 3 km in the ground. I am not using dumbells always, :sweat_smile:


You don’t necessarily need rest in that case as it is low intensity cardio exercise. But if you ever feel pain in the knees, then you can take rest. Again, pain in the knees. Not soreness. Pain in the knee can be caused due to not running properly, that is running on your heels. You should try to run on the balls of your feet as much as possible. Mindfully run on your toes.


I had a very bad habit of practicing Pmo in the afternoon, before going to the gym (I thought it had no consequences and I always did this) but when I stopped practicing this, I noticed an increase in strength (physical strength) and more Willingness to do the gym, this can already be observed on the first day

I also jog 3 km everyday .

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