MASTERY! - The path to excellence! (1000 DAY CHALLENGE!)

To join the MASTERY! - The path to excellence (1000 DAY CHALLENGE!)

one must adhere to a strict rule set, that aims to put the individual on a path to excellence in life.

Any breach of the rule set, and one must start all over again!

Your information required to join:
(my information is used as reference):
Username: InspectorNorse
Sharing code - pb3ejz

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 35 days

Age - 29
Gender - M
Location - Denmark

One must check in daily having completed at least 3 of the following tasks during the the day:

1: Gym/exercise session
2: No Junk food for the day
3: Positive reinforcement (say 5 things you like about yourself out loud)
4: A one hour walk in nature
5: A good nights sleep
6: Read at least 20 pages (nonfiction)
7: Listen to one full-length podcast of your interest
8: Listen to one full-length documentary
9: Meditation
10: Cold shower/winter bathing (Maximum 14°C for maximum dopamine benefits)

11: At least one hour of work on you true passion
12: No PMO! (sex is allowed with loved ones)

One will be added to the leaderboard after the daily check in:

InspectorNorse (1 day) :white_check_mark:

Once one have completed the 1000 days, you will be added to a the hall of fame. Good luck!

USERNAME: MarshallOb

1 v 1 let’s do this

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