Masterroshi(21M) : Nofap journey 2.0

As I’ve mentioned in the message board. I’ve started a diary. I need your help by letting me know if I moving in the right path. My past is past. My future is in my hands. It’s time to PUSH PAST YOUR LIMITS (Black Clover) and go PLUS ULTRA (My hero academia)!!! :smiley::smiley:


Day 1

I spent the day studying for my exam and when I felt bored, I was watching My hero academia. The show is really motivating( except for Minata’s scenes :joy::joy:). I’m also learning German on Duolingo. I didn’t have any major urges yesterday. Unfortunately, I came across a trigger last night but I managed to survive. Looking forward to day 2.

Asta and Midoriya would be proud

Thank god!!! Thanks for replying. I was thinking that there was a shadow ban on my diary. :joy::joy:

MasterRoshi doing nofap is hilarious :rofl:

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Yeahhhh dude!!! :joy::joy: That’s true. But I think he needs it more than anyone else. Btw, thanks for the message cuz it reminds me to stay on track

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I can’t believe I relapsed on the second day itself. But I’m happy that I made it from 3 times a day before writing this diary to once in 2 days. I’ve joined Madtaker’s challenge. I’ll have to be careful with chaser effect. I’M NOT DONE YET!!!

Today’s lesson is that instead of whining about what happened. I need to try harder to control my urges. I’ll start meditating from tomorrow. I’ve injured my wrist hence, I can’t exercise much. But, I’ll start with something simple tomorrow. I want people to look up to me and not run away from me. I feel like crying rn. Please God!!! Give me the strength to beat this evil.

Day 1:

Sorry guys. I couldn’t update yesterday. I was back to square one since I relapsed on the second day itself. I made decent progress yesterday. I am preparing to defend to course project. I also did some jawline exercises and cardio yesterday. Consistency is the key to success. I managed to suppress my urges.

Hello aspirants… Of no fap

Hi Goten!!!. Masterroshi here :joy::joy:

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The I realised one thing guys. The reason I’m relapsing is that I’m terrified that my day gets wasted if I don’t peek as I keep thinking about it. Please help me guys. What should I do?

First of all relaxxx…take deep breath everything happens in ur life is very essential…as taking breath okk. Now, everything has a specific time and date to happen understood u have to believe the god that the thing is currently happening is in time ,no time is been wasted by u everything everyfap gives u a little amount of experience…brother. Belive me

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Thanks a lot bro. Btw, how’s your streak going

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Everything is under control :zap::fire: i am strong again …
If u have any query please tell me without hesitation i will help u personally if i can and helping u also gives me a Little good vibes

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Day 6 no fap not even erection happens after a lost from 15 days streak i am back after…a fall checking in again
Got complete control on myself

Awsm pic dude. You can do it. Keep it going brother. PUSH PAST YOUR LIMITS (Black clover) and go PLUS ULTRA!!! ( My hero academia)

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No!! We will go ok… brother

Sure bro. Let’s do it.

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I’ve managed to kill two very strong urges today. Have started working out as well.