Marvel vs DC: The Revenge? (Season 4) [ChallengeOver]

Entries are open till 11/6/23. Those interested please provide ur Username and sharing code.

The Revenge:

After that intense battle of Season 3, Group A members finally won. They destroyed Corneator once and for all with the help of MODOK of Earth 3605 and THE BRAIN of Earth 365, who were released off prison after their task. There were no more inter dimensional portals…. No more uninvited guests…… none longed for that anymore! Peace prevailed for 3 years……

But the MODOK and The Brain were booed by rogue civilians constantly all these years. They were accused of mass destruction and creation of corneator. Their efforts in destroying Corneator were never acknowledged. Avengers of Earth 3605 and Justice League of Earth 365 constantly kept visiting MODOK and The Brain to keep them in check. Prison bondage for no reason, Humiliation…… Nothing was positive for them!

Eventually they turned cold…… and decided to destroy every super hero on their respective earths…… they felt all superheroes were unworthy of people’s praise and they were in reality entitled to such glory for stopping corneator!


Earth 3605: Red Box

After 6 months, MODOK created a giant fighting arena called Red Box. He teleported all superheroes of Earth 3605- both Marvel’s and DC’s. MODOK filled Red Box with telepathy. He controlled all superheroes into fighting among themselves. The fight was intense, eventually they formed into two groups to fight each other- Group A & Group B.


Stage 1:
Choose the group and superhero u want to play - only superheroes, no villains and no repeatations please. Remember, either group serve no particular motto but choose your group wisely as ur rivals can affect ur points. Expecting 5 players in each group to start the challenge. Stage 1 will be in round robin format, 3 days for each match. More players, more days for Stage 1 to end.

No peeking, watching and fa*** when Stage 1 begins
Win > +2 points
Loss > -2 points
Tie > +1 points

Need not check in daily here, but always keep ur counter updated or inform here if u relapse.

Visit post 4 for Stage 1 matches
Visit posts 2 & 3 for Stage 1 results.

Stage 2 Rules: Top 4 players will proceed to Stage 2 (Top 4 is tentative, subjected to players performance).

Earth 365: Blue Box - thats for some other day :wink:
Welcome aboard buddies :slight_smile:


Group A Scores

S.No Name Character Points
1 Ysub Hulk 15
2 Binocular/Surbatingsi Aquaman 03
3 a_lone_warrior05 Nightwing Exited
4 Abhishek_V/Narutokun Quicksilver 05
5 The_integrous_one/Samaranjay Captain America -09
6 Sholt_Tenkerrot/Sholt Peterson Spider man -24
7 The_Ambitious_One/assasinwarboy Superman -02
8 EMJ/thenameemj Ghost Rider 16
9 Ash_Matt Michael Demiurgos 0
10 cornholiopb Dr. Strange 14
11 WalKir Black Panther -15
12 Alonewolf6232 Daredevil 05

Group B Scores

S.No Name Character Points
1 Six_Eyes Lucifer 19
2 redFalcon Batman 01
3 Nerbo Flash 05
4 fFighter Deadpool 18
5 valiantwarriorsoldier Spectre 17
6 rajameghanan Iron Man 13
7 piyushchandak Groot -17
8 The_Rising_One/risinglion123 Shang Chi 14
9 vincitquisevincit Dr. Manhattan 11
10 User1132Kazuma/holisticpizza Cyclops 15
11 DarkDLeo Green Lantern -7
12 Doncarlo/sadikaliii Thor 10

STAGE 1 Matches

Match No. Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Winner
1 Hulk Lucifer
2 Aquaman Batman
3 Nightwing Flash
4 Quicksilver Deadpool
5 Captain America Spectre
6 Spider man Iron Man
7 Superman Groot
8 Ghost Rider Shang Chi
9 Michael Demiurgos Dr. Manhattan
10 Dr. Strange Cyclops
11 Black Panther Green Lantern
12 Daredevil Thor
13 Hulk Batman
14 Aquaman Flash
15 Nightwing Deadpool
16 Quicksilver Spectre
17 Captain America Iron Man
18 Spider man Groot
19 Superman Shang Chi
20 Ghost Rider Dr. Manhattan
21 Michael Demiurgos Cyclops
22 Dr. Strange Green Lantern
23 Black Panther Thor
24 Daredevil Lucifer
25 Hulk Flash
26 Aquaman Deadpool
27 Nightwing Spectre
28 Quicksilver Iron Man
29 Captain America Groot
30 Spider man Shang Chi
31 Superman Dr. Manhattan
32 Ghost Rider Cyclops
33 Michael Demiurgos Green Lantern
34 Dr. Strange Thor
35 Black Panther Lucifer
36 Daredevil Batman
37 Hulk Deadpool
38 Aquaman Spectre
39 Nightwing Iron Man
40 Quicksilver Groot
41 Captain America Shang Chi
42 Spider man Dr. Manhattan
43 Superman Cyclops
44 Ghost Rider Green Lantern
45 Michael Demiurgos Thor
46 Dr. Strange Lucifer
47 Black Panther Batman
48 Daredevil Flash
49 Hulk Spectre
50 Aquaman Iron Man
51 Nightwing Groot
52 Quicksilver Shang Chi
53 Captain America Dr. Manhattan
54 Spider man Cyclops
55 Superman Green Lantern
56 Ghost Rider Thor
57 Michael Demiurgos Lucifer
58 Dr. Strange Batman
59 Black Panther Flash
60 Daredevil Deadpool
61 Hulk Iron Man
62 Aquaman Groot
63 Nightwing Shang Chi
64 Quicksilver Dr. Manhattan
65 Captain America Cyclops
66 Spider man Green Lantern
67 Superman Thor
68 Ghost Rider Lucifer
69 Michael Demiurgos Batman
70 Dr. Strange Flash
71 Black Panther Deadpool
72 Daredevil Spectre
73 Hulk Groot
74 Aquaman Shang Chi
75 Nightwing Dr. Manhattan
76 Quicksilver Cyclops
77 Captain America Green Lantern
78 Spider man Thor
79 Superman Lucifer
80 Ghost Rider Batman
81 Michael Demiurgos Flash
82 Dr. Strange Deadpool
83 Black Panther Spectre
84 Daredevil Iron Man
85 Hulk Shang Chi
86 Aquaman Dr. Manhattan
87 Nightwing Cyclops
88 Quicksilver Green Lantern
89 Captain America Thor
90 Spider man Lucifer
91 Superman Batman
92 Ghost Rider Flash
93 Michael Demiurgos Deadpool
94 Dr. Strange Spectre
95 Black Panther Iron Man
96 Daredevil Groot
97 Hulk Dr. Manhattan
98 Aquaman Cyclops
99 Nightwing Green Lantern
100 Quicksilver Thor
101 Captain America Lucifer
102 Spider man Batman
103 Superman Flash
104 Ghost Rider Deadpool
105 Michael Demiurgos Spectre
106 Dr. Strange Iron Man
107 Black Panther Groot
108 Daredevil Shang Chi
109 Hulk Cyclops
110 Aquaman Green Lantern
111 Nightwing Thor
112 Quicksilver Lucifer
113 Captain America Batman
114 Spider man Flash
115 Superman Deadpool
116 Ghost Rider Spectre
117 Michael Demiurgos Iron Man
118 Dr. Strange Groot
119 Black Panther Shang Chi
120 Daredevil Dr. Manhattan
121 Hulk Green Lantern
122 Aquaman Thor
123 Nightwing Lucifer
124 Quicksilver Batman
125 Captain America Flash
126 Spider man Deadpool
127 Superman Spectre
128 Ghost Rider Iron Man
129 Michael Demiurgos Groot
130 Dr. Strange Shang Chi
131 Black Panther Dr. Manhattan
132 Daredevil Cyclops
133 Hulk Thor
134 Aquaman Lucifer
135 Nightwing Batman
136 Quicksilver Flash
137 Captain America Deadpool
138 Spider man Spectre
139 Superman Iron Man
140 Ghost Rider Groot
141 Michael Demiurgos Shang Chi
142 Dr. Strange Dr. Manhattan
143 Black Panther Cyclops
144 Daredevil Green Lantern


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Add me. I willl be Thor…

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I’m up for the challenge : D
Code: jj7af3

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UserName: redFalcon
sc: r39j4o

Sc- 1dm46a


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I am in!
Username :- Sholt_Tenkerrot
Sc:- nkoemw

I will be spiderman.

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Add me to this challenge Marvel vs DC. Season 4

Code m22mve

Look at this bros. Character selection will be from 7th Onwards.


code : bbp87b

Tho We have to choose characters after the storyline
but I’ll make sure no one takes it before me like the last time :wink:

Batman Superhero GIF - Batman Superhero GIFs

If someone steals my character on 7th , consider your life


ok then… i also going to choose him…


Die Star Wars GIF - Die Star Wars You Have Choosen Death GIFs


yes … i choose death for you…


Fear Bvs GIF - Fear Bvs Batman GIFs

Batman doesn’t fear

Anyways , the challenges have been more about teamwork than individual fights .
I had good individual points last time but the team I was in lost :moyai:


i don’t even know anything about DC or Marvel. I just knew those characters from fb videos.
I am also new to this challenge. I hope the challenge will be exciting…


Although I’m not fond of challenges but i will be in
I will choose Batman who laughs

Sharing code : xfyzpm