Marvel vs DC season 3: End of Madness? [Challenge Over]

Are u guys ready for season 3?

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Storyline of Season 3:

The epic battle caused by “corneator” between Marvel and DC troops ended after a vigorous bloodshed. But the war isn’t over yet… “corneator” is still opening the door to many more guests from multiverse. Peter Parker’s formula made the “corneator” blast proof but Batman failed to make it accurate enough. Though two groups emerged victorious (season 2) they are still fighting this senseless war with the incoming guests…

The season 1 “semi finalists” of Earth 3605 finally reached the spot and observed everything from distance. They are now the only sensible super heroes on earth 3605.

They contacted the “semi finalists” of 365 immediately. They all concluded that the only way to stop all this mess is by destroying the “corneator”. And the only capable persons to do it are the MODOK of Earth 3605 and THE BRAIN of Earth 365 who were arrested.

MODOK and THE BRAIN were thus released by them and were explained the reason for their arrest. “Semi finalists” urged and motivated them to destroy “Corneator” as they were the only capable souls to do the assignment and to which MODOK and THE BRAIN agreed.

But then few “Semifinalists” argued that the “Corneator” shouldn’t be destroyed altogether but should rather be altered i.e. its effect of making heroes go senseless should be stopped. They claimed that its a good thing for multiverse portals to exist as it can give people opportunities to meet their lost ones. This sudden shift of thinking caused huge argument and eventually divided them into two groups.

Group A: They believe that the “corneator” should be destroyed altogether as it makes heroes fight in senseless battles. They also believe that multiverse portals should not be used to alter other universe’s timeline. They acknowledge the threat of such portals being raided by super villains.

Group B: They acknowledge that the “corneator” is dangerous as it makes heroes fight with themselves but they belive it can be altered to stop that. They believe “Altered corneator” could be used to end grief caused by lost loved ones multiverse-wide. They also believe that the exchange of knowledge & strength could actually erase the bad powers at the level of multiverse!

The incoming guests heard over them…and chose their respective sides.

And the fight began…the victorius will get MODOK and THE BRAIN into their custody and gets their purpose fulfilled.

Now do u support Group A or Group B?

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  1. An individual duels with every player from other team, for three days in round robin format.

  2. During the duel period the most basic task is ofcourse to maintain no PMO.

  3. +1 points to the winner and -1 points to the loser.

  4. +2 for each if its a tie.

  5. 0 points to each if both fails.

  6. During the entire challenge all relapses to be shown, by resetting ur counter/timer. Or by texting me personally/in this thread. By failing to do so you are cheating not only me and others but also urself.

All the best soldiers.


Group A:

Sl No. Player Character Total Points
1 ysub Hulk 1
2 pingpong1 Flash 1
3 Willpower55 Thanos 2
4 Fallboy Black Panther 2
5 valiantwarriorsoldier Spectre 2
6 Jane_Doe Taskmaster 2
7 TheBigSP Batman -1
8 Dhananjaya1234 Joker 2
9 User1132Kazuma Guardian 2
10 EMJ Ghost Rider 2
11 WalKir Aquaman 1
12 risinglion123 Venom 2

Group B:

Sl No. Player Character Total Points
1 Samaranjay Moon Knight -1
2 deimos0101 Loki -1
3 Ash_Matt Michael Demiurgos 2
4 Jiruyu Spider-Man 2
5 Kaiji.Itou Iron Man 2
6 kanu Dr. Strange 2
7 BlackMagic123 Captain America 1
8 a_lone_warrior05 Thor 2
9 NofapperAADI Darkseid 2
10 Dean_Ambrose Wolverine 2
11 piyushchandak Groot -1
12 OO7 Lucifer 2

Well, many are new here so they don’t know the old craze of challenge but we are ready…:fire::fire:


What are the rules, I’d love to participate :fire::fire:


Man I have messed up in both season 1 and 2 :joy:, I again slipped just 11 days ago and here comes season 3, I just hope I’ll regain my composure when the challenge starts and participate with full power.



Match No. Player 1 Player 2 Result
1 Hulk Moon Knight 1-(-1)
2 Flash Loki 1-(-1)
3 Thanos Michael Demiurgos 2-2
4 Black Panther Spider-Man 2-2
5 Spectre Iron Man 2-2
6 Taskmaster Dr. Strange 2-2
7 Batman Captain America -1-(1)
8 Joker Thor 2-2
9 Guardian Darkseid 2-2
10 Ghost Rider Wolverine 2-2
11 Aquaman Groot 1-(-1)
12 Venom Lucifer 2-2
13 Hulk Lucifer
14 Flash Moon Knight
15 Thanos Loki
16 Black Panther Michael Demiurgos
17 Spectre Spider-Man
18 Taskmaster Iron Man
19 Batman Dr. Strange
20 Joker Captain America
21 Guardian Thor
22 Ghost Rider Darkseid
23 Aquaman Wolverine
24 Venom Groot
25 Hulk Groot
26 Flash Lucifer
27 Thanos Moon Knight
28 Black Panther Loki
29 Spectre Michael Demiurgos
30 Taskmaster Spider-Man
31 Batman Iron Man
32 Joker Dr. Strange
33 Guardian Captain America
34 Ghost Rider Thor
35 Aquaman Darkseid
36 Venom Wolverine
37 Hulk Wolverine
38 Flash Groot
39 Thanos Lucifer
40 Black Panther Moon Knight
41 Spectre Loki
42 Taskmaster Michael Demiurgos
43 Batman Spider-Man
44 Joker Iron Man
45 Guardian Dr. Strange
46 Ghost Rider Captain America
47 Aquaman Thor
48 Venom Darkseid
49 Hulk Darkseid
50 Flash Wolverine
51 Thanos Groot
52 Black Panther Lucifer
53 Spectre Moon Knight
54 Taskmaster Loki
55 Batman Michael Demiurgos
56 Joker Spider-Man
57 Guardian Iron Man
58 Ghost Rider Dr. Strange
59 Aquaman Captain America
60 Venom Thor
61 Hulk Thor
62 Flash Darkseid
63 Thanos Wolverine
64 Black Panther Groot
65 Spectre Lucifer
66 Taskmaster Moon Knight
67 Batman Loki
68 Joker Michael Demiurgos
69 Guardian Spider-Man
70 Ghost Rider Iron Man
71 Aquaman Dr. Strange
72 Venom Captain America
73 Hulk Captain America
74 Flash Thor
75 Thanos Darkseid
76 Black Panther Wolverine
77 Spectre Groot
78 Taskmaster Lucifer
79 Batman Moon Knight
80 Joker Loki
81 Guardian Michael Demiurgos
82 Ghost Rider Spider-Man
83 Aquaman Iron Man
84 Venom Dr. Strange
85 Hulk Dr. Strange
86 Flash Captain America
87 Thanos Thor
88 Black Panther Darkseid
89 Spectre Wolverine
90 Taskmaster Groot
91 Batman Lucifer
92 Joker Moon Knight
93 Guardian Loki
94 Ghost Rider Michael Demiurgos
95 Aquaman Spider-Man
96 Venom Iron Man
97 Hulk Iron Man
98 Flash Dr. Strange
99 Thanos Captain America
100 Black Panther Thor
101 Spectre Darkseid
102 Taskmaster Wolverine
103 Batman Groot
104 Joker Lucifer
105 Guardian Moon Knight
106 Ghost Rider Loki
107 Aquaman Michael Demiurgos
108 Venom Spider-Man
109 Hulk Spider-Man
110 Flash Iron Man
111 Thanos Dr. Strange
112 Black Panther Captain America
113 Spectre Thor
114 Taskmaster Darkseid
115 Batman Wolverine
116 Joker Groot
117 Guardian Lucifer
118 Ghost Rider Moon Knight
119 Aquaman Loki
120 Venom Michael Demiurgos
121 Hulk Michael Demiurgos
122 Flash Spider-Man
123 Thanos Iron Man
124 Black Panther Dr. Strange
125 Spectre Captain America
126 Taskmaster Thor
127 Batman Darkseid
128 Joker Wolverine
129 Guardian Groot
130 Ghost Rider Lucifer
131 Aquaman Moon Knight
132 Venom Loki
133 Hulk Loki
134 Flash Michael Demiurgos
135 Thanos Spider-Man
136 Black Panther Iron Man
137 Spectre Dr. Strange
138 Taskmaster Captain America
139 Batman Thor
140 Joker Darkseid
141 Guardian Wolverine
142 Ghost Rider Groot
143 Aquaman Lucifer
144 Venom Moon Knight

Will update soon :slight_smile:



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Please wait with the selection of characters…
The process along with storyline shall commence soon…

Stay tuned with patience please :wink:


Perfection! My last exam is on 25 th May, so I’ll be available,