Marvel vs DC: Multiverse of Madness (Season 2) (Challenge Over)

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Summary of Season 1

Summary of Season 1:

MODOK of Earth 365 and THE BRAIN of Earth 3605 communicated each other and tried to eliminate their enemies all with the help of “Corneator”…. they were almost successful as their “Corneator” made their enemies senseless and pick up fights with each other… only until these mad villains tried to update the “Corneator” and eliminate their opponents from each others’ earths too…….The experiment by these two geniuses almost worked. Their experiment opened a multiverse door momentarily, creating a “semi final” war back then between the strongest of “Civil War” and “Injustice” caused by “Corneator”. Semi-finalists however were at the right time in right place!!! THE EXPERIMENT FAILED to proceed to “Finals”…….thus bringing back everyone into their senses and into their respective earths again!(But only Semi Finalists could understand the existence of Multi Verse right before they were brought back to their earths”) The “Corneator” was destroyed along with MODOK and THE BRAIN in a blast!
What about the MODOK of Earth 3605 and THE BRAIN of Earth 365? They are arrested and secured by the respective semi-finalists of their Earths, who are the only ones to know about the “Corneator” and the existence of Multi Verse. Nobody knows their potential and the specific reason they are arrested for, except the semi-finalists !!!

Storyline of Season 2 - part 1

(Earth 3605)
On a dark night, the Knight of Gotham asked for the help of New York’s local champ- Spiderman….
Spiderman: Woah…….Batman…… Sir!..Its an honor to work by your side……thanks for the invite….
And they both chased away gotham’s naughty villains……
Spiderman: that was fun, thanks again batman sir……
Batman: You are welcome, Parker…
Spiderman: What!?? How did you……
Batman: Im Batman!
Spiderman: there are people out there who know my real name!? this is not good for me……
Batman: Your secret is safe………
Spiderman: Well, im sure u could’ve handled those goons alone….and u r not here to expose my identity too……then what’s up sir???
Batman: Peter, you are very gifted in astronomical & genological sciences……If only you could assist me with my project on multi……
Spiderman: Hold on sir! Hold on! Wait a minute….Why would I help you anyway??? Cause u r Batman?
Batman: No…Youll do it for Ben Parker……
Spiderman: Why would you say that name…What do you know about him?
Batman: I can help ypu meet him again….
Spidemran: What? Now u r a God??
Batman: Listen kid……I need your help in opening a multiverse……Theres a Ben Parker who lost his Peter Parker on Earth 375………Ive seen it…….the things that a “Corneator” can do…….
(Proceeds to say summary of season 1)
……All Im saying is, lets just grab him here so you both can stay happy forever……
Spiderman: But Tony Stark warned me to never mess with it……
Batman: Tell me Peter, do you want that aging Ben sob till the end of his life? Imagine u both reuniting…don’t you want to end his misery? Don’t you want to end YOUR misery? I know the risks, just need your assistance to pull it off………
Spiderman: What shall I do?
Batman: Ive replicated the “Corneator” in my Bat cave, running it would only replicate the tragedy of MODOK and THE BRAIN blast! I need you to prepare a formula that would make the “Corneator” open up the precise Earth we want……Earth 375, where Ben’s alive….
Spiderman: lets head to ur Bat Cave……
(After 3 days……)
Spiderman: Ive made it……its ready……This formula would enable “Corneator” to not explode even if we fail to be precise in opening Earth 375……thats a good news and bad news right?
Batman: yeah good because we wont end up like MODOK and THE BRAIN……Bad because we might end up inviting uninvited heroes and villains here and make them senseless and create another “Civil War” or “Injustice”……We have to do it as accurate as we can!!!
(Computer: “Corneator” activated……Earth 375 locked)
Spiderman: Thanks Batman……
(Computer: Multiverse door opening in three……)
Spiderman: But ive always wondered……
(Computer: ……two……)
Spiderman: Whats there in all of this for YOU??
(Computer: System Error….Locking Failed…….)
Spiderman: You cheat……this is for your parents right??
Batman: Im sorry……
(Computer: Overloaded……Multiple Earths opening……)
To be continued!


This is a Marvel vs DC challenge in teams Format.
There are total of 4 teams per side. Each team has three players max. (No. of teams will be increased if necessary) U will get to name ur teams once the entries are filled.
Every team will face off each other in a Set. Every Set has three rounds. Each round is played for three days with three matches in each.

To make it clear lets say first Set is between Team 1 of Marvel and Team A of DC.
Round 1 goes like this for three days:
1i vs Ai (match 1)
1ii vs Aii (match 2)
1iii vs Aiii(match 3)
Round 2 goes like this for three days:
1i vs Aii (match 4)
1ii vs Aiii (match 5)
1iii vs Ai (match 6)
Round 3 goes like this for three days:
1i vs Aiii (match 7)
1ii vs Ai (match 8)
1iii vs Aii (match 9)

After such set is completed, Team 1 of Marvel immediately faces Team B of DC and so on…
So this is an non stop action challenge! Start n end dates of every match are fixed… So only true winners will emerge as winners!

Points system:

Obvious basic rules are no Peeking/watching/fa**ng…
If both contestants clear three days, its an tie resulting +2 for each.
If one contestant fail n other doesn’t then -1 and +1 respectively.
If both fail, 0 points for both…
Since this is a non stop challenge, no breaks will be there in between like Season 1!

Provide ur sharing code and the character u want and keep ur counter on app always updated to join! No need of daily check in, but keep ur counter updated.

Teams will be increased if necessary, “first come first get” will be the policy. Challenge will begin once we get enough entries.

Team(s) with highest points is/are announced as winner(s)!

All the best Everyone, stay safe, wear masks and follow social distancing!


Marvel Scoreboard

Team 1

Sl no Player Character Points
i ysub Hulk 3
ii risinglion123 Wolverine 16
iii Samaranjay Thor 15

Team 2

Sl no Player Character Points
i piyushchandak Groot 22
ii zitscx Ant Man 18
iii Ash_Matt Spiderman 24

Team 3

Sl no Player Character Points
i prothekter_aden Nova 5
ii WalKir Black Panther 26
iii itstrilly Vision 10

Team 4

Sl no Player Character Points
i Winter_Soldier Winter Soldier 21
ii TheBigSP Ironman -3
iii kanu Deadpool 8

Team 5

Sl no Player Character Points
i CarryOn Dr Strange -4
ii vanjutsong Loki 21
iii deimos0101 Captain America 28

DC Scoreboard

Team A

Sl no Player Character Points
i varad Lucifer 9
ii ali4th Joker 20
iii RT2700 Dr. Manhattan 25

Team B

Sl no Player Character Points
i vedantshah005 Batman 17
ii sakshi11 Wonder Woman 18
iii Thenofap_king Superman 22

Team C

Sl no Player Character Points
i User1132Kazuma Guardian 25
iii GOVIND-19 Flash 26

Team D

Sl no Player Character Points
i fapstronautharn Green Arrow 14
ii Probably2 Black Adam 17
iii raj10 Deathstroke 19

Team E

Sl no Player Character Points
i drago Riddler 26
ii HealingSpade Martian Manhunter 21
iii Kai Green Lantern 9


Match No Player 1 Player 2 Result
1 Hulk Lucifer (+1) - (-1)
2 Wolverine Joker 2-2
3 Thor Dr Manhattan (-1)-(+1)
4 Groot Batman 2-2
5 Ant Man Wonder Woman 2-2
6 Spiderman Superman 2-2
7 Nova Guardian (-1)-(+1)
8 Black Panther Shazam 2-2
9 Vision Flash 2-2
10 Winter Soldier Green Arrow (+1)-(-1)
11 Ironman Black Adam 2-2
12 Deadpool Deathstroke 2-2
13 Dr Strange Riddler (-1)-(+1)
14 Loki Martian Manhunter 2-2
15 Captain America Green Lantern (+1)-(-1)
16 Hulk Joker 2-2
17 Wolverine Dr Manhattan 2-2
18 Thor Lucifer 0-0
19 Groot Wonder Woman 2-2
20 Ant Man Superman 2-2
21 Spiderman Batman (-1)-(+1)
22 Nova Shazam (+1)-(-1)
23 Black Panther Flash 2-2
24 Vision Guardian 2-2
25 Winter Soldier Black Adam 2-2
26 Ironman Deathstroke (+1)-(-1)
27 Deadpool Green Arrow 0-0
28 Dr Strange Martian Manhunter (-1)-(+1)
29 Loki Green Lantern (+1)-(-1)
30 Captain America Riddler 2-2
31 Hulk Dr Manhattan 2-2
32 Wolverine Lucifer (1)(-1)
33 Thor Joker 2-2
34 Groot Superman 2-2
35 Ant Man Batman 2-2
36 Spiderman Wonder Woman 2-2
37 Nova Flash (-1)-(1)
38 Black Panther Guardian 2-2
39 Vision Shazam (1)-(-1)
40 Winter Soldier Deathstroke 2-2
41 Ironman Green Arrow (-1)-(1)
42 Deadpool Black Adam (1)-(-1)
43 Dr Strange Green Lantern 0-0
44 Loki Riddler 2-2
45 Captain America Martian Manhunter 2-2
46 Hulk Batman 2-2
47 Wolverine Wonder Woman 2-2
48 Thor Superman (-1)-(+1)
49 Groot Guardian 2-2
50 Ant Man Shazam 2-2
51 Spiderman Flash 2-2
52 Nova Green Arrow (-1)-(+1)
53 Black Panther Black Adam 2-2
54 Vision Deathstroke 2-2
55 Winter Soldier Riddler 2-2
56 Ironman Matian Manhunter (-1)-(+1)
57 Deadpool Green Lantern 2-2
58 Dr Strange Lucifer (+1)-(-1)
59 Loki Joker 0-0
60 Captain America Dr Manhattan 2-2
61 Hulk Wonder Woman (-1)-(1)
62 Wolverine Superman 2-2
63 Thor Batman 2-2
64 Groot Shazam 2-2
65 Ant Man Flash 2-2
66 Spiderman Guardian 2-2
67 Nova Black Adam (-1)-(1)
68 Black Panther Deathstroke (1)-(-1)
69 Vision Green Arrow (1)-(-1)
70 Winter Soldier Matian Manhunter 2-2
71 Ironman Green Lantern 0-0
72 Deadpool Riddler 2-2
73 Dr Strange Joker (-1)-(1)
74 Loki Dr Manhattan 2-2
75 Captain America Lucifer (1)-(-1)
76 Hulk Superman (-1)-(1)
77 Wolverine Batman 2-2
78 Thor Wonder Woman 2-2
79 Groot Flash (-1)-(1)
80 Ant Man Guardian 2-2
81 Spiderman Shazam 2-2
82 Nova Deathstroke (-1)-(1)
83 Black Panther Green Arrow 2-2
84 Vision Black Adam 2-2
85 Winter Soldier Green Lantern (1)-(-1)
86 Ironman Riddler (-1)-(1)
87 Deadpool Matian Manhunter (-1)-(1)
88 Dr Strange Dr Manhattan (-1)-(1)
89 Loki Lucifer 2-2
90 Captain America Joker (1)-(-1)
91 Hulk Green Arrow 2-2
92 Wolverine Black Adam (1)-(-1)
93 Thor Deathstroke 2-2
94 Groot Riddler 2-2
95 Ant Man Martian Manhunter (-1)-(1)
96 Spiderman Green Lantern 2-2
97 Nova Lucifer 0-0
98 Black Panther Joker (1)-(-1)
99 Vision Dr Manhattan (-1)-(1)
100 Winter Soldier Batman 2-2
101 Ironman Wonder Woman (-1)-(1)
102 Deadpool Superman (-1)-(1)
103 Dr Strange Guardian (-1)-(1)
104 Loki Shazam (1)-(-1)
105 Captain America Flash 2-2
106 Hulk Black Adam (-1)-(1)
107 Wolverine Deathstroke 2-2
108 Thor Green Arrow 2-2
109 Groot Martian Manhunter (-1)-(1)
110 Ant Man Green Lantern (-1)-(1)
111 Spiderman Riddler 2-2
112 Nova Joker (-1)-(1)
113 Black Panther Dr Manhattan 2-2
114 Vision Lucifer (-1)-(1)
115 Winter Soldier Wonder Woman 2-2
116 Ironman Superman (-1)-(1)
117 Deadpool Batman (-1)-(1)
118 Dr Strange Shazam (1)-(-1)
119 Loki Flash 2-2
120 Captain America Guardian 2-2
121 Hulk Deathstroke (-1)-(1)
122 Wolverine Green Arrow (1)-(-1)
123 Thor Black Adam 2-2
124 Groot Green Lantern 2-2
125 Ant Man Riddler 2-2
126 Spiderman Martian Manhunter 2-2
127 Nova Dr Manhattan (-1)-(1)
128 Black Panther Lucifer (1)-(-1)
129 Vision Joker 2-2
130 Winter Soldier Superman 2-2
131 Ironman Batman 0-0
132 Deadpool Wonder Woman 2-2
133 Dr Strange Flash 2-2
134 Loki Guardian 2-2
135 Captain America Shazam 2-2
136 Hulk Green Arrow (-1)-(1)
137 Wolverine Black Adam 2-2
138 Thor Deathstroke 2-2
139 Groot Riddler 2-2
140 Ant Man Martian Manhunter 2-2
141 Spiderman Green Lantern 2-2
142 Nova Lucifer 2-2
143 Black Panther Joker 2-2
144 Vision Dr Manhattan (-1)-(1)
145 Winter Soldier Batman 2-2
146 Ironman Wonder Woman (1)-(-1)
147 Deadpool Superman (-1)-(1)
148 Dr Strange Guardian (-1)-(1)
149 Loki Shazam 2-2
150 Captain America Flash 2-2
151 Hulk Black Adam 2-2
152 Wolverine Deathstroke
153 Thor Green Arrow
154 Groot Martian Manhunter
155 Ant Man Green Lantern
156 Spiderman Riddler
157 Nova Joker
158 Black Panther Dr Manhattan
159 Vision Lucifer
160 Winter Soldier Wonder Woman
161 Ironman Superman
162 Deadpool Batman
163 Dr Strange Shazam
164 Loki Flash
165 Captain America Guardian
166 Hulk Deathstroke
167 Wolverine Green Arrow
168 Thor Black Adam
169 Groot Green Lantern
170 Ant Man Riddler
171 Spiderman Martian Manhunter
172 Nova Dr Manhattan
173 Black Panther Lucifer
174 Vision Joker
175 Winter Soldier Superman
176 Ironman Batman
177 Deadpool Wonder Woman
178 Dr Strange Flash
179 Loki Guardian
180 Captain America Shazam
181 Hulk Riddler
182 Wolverine Martian Manhunter
183 Thor Green Lantern
184 Groot Lucifer
185 Ant Man Joker
186 Spiderman Dr Manhattan
187 Nova Batman
188 Black Panther Wonder Woman
189 Vision Superman
190 Winter Soldier Guardian
191 Ironman Shazam
192 Deadpool Flash
193 Dr Strange Green Arrow
194 Loki Black Adam
195 Captain America Deathstroke
196 Hulk Martian Manhunter
197 Wolverine Green Lantern
198 Thor Riddler
199 Groot Joker
200 Ant Man Dr Manhattan
201 Spiderman Lucifer
202 Nova Wonder Woman
203 Black Panther Superman
204 Vision Batman
205 Winter Soldier Shazam
206 Ironman Flash
207 Deadpool Guardian
208 Dr Strange Black Adam
209 Loki Deathstroke
210 Captain America Green Arrow
211 Hulk Green Lantern
212 Wolverine Riddler
213 Thor Martian Manhunter
214 Groot Dr Manhattan
215 Ant Man Lucifer
216 Spiderman Joker
217 Nova Superman
218 Black Panther Batman
219 Vision Wonder Woman
220 Winter Soldier Flash
221 Ironman Guardian
222 Deadpool Shazam
223 Dr Strange Deathstroke
224 Loki Green Arrow
225 Captain America Black Adam

I am interested


Welcome buddy…
Character and team please.


Team 1

Character you meant character from marvel right ?


Team 1,2,3,4 Marvel
Team A, B, C, D DC

I would love to be in DC
Character: LUCIFER:smiling_imp:

SC: 9cqqc8


Team please.

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I choose Hulk. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Any…bro put me in any team? No problem with it.

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Nah Hulk’s mine.
Go with other buddy :slight_smile:


@risinglion123 there’s a and was connection between @ysub and hulk in season 1 :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


Then I will go for Wolverine :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:



Lol yeah @VARAD


Done @risinglion123
Team please

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Team 1 @ysub:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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Okay then… Thats gonna make us partners for this season… Lets do it…

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Alright, good night now folks… Gotta sleep… Office tomorrow :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: