Marathon to finish "EasyPeasy Method" (Anyone can join anytime)

Well many people are struggling from pmo (including me), and this book helped a lot of people to get rid of this addiction. Many already know about this book but they are either procastinating or don’t remember to read this book (including me :sweat_smile:). So we all will try to finish this book as soon as possible, you can also write notes which you can read later when you fell urges.

Rules :-

1. Anyone can join anytime

2. Be honest with yourself and others

3. Read the book carefully , and try to write notes (writing notes is optional but highly recommended ,it will be like one time investment)

4. Read the book at least thrice, you can also use your notes

5 .Mention the pages that you finish from the book ,everyday or every 3 days (everyday is preferred)

6. Read it at your own pace

7 . Everyone will get points, according to their performances

Everyone is invited and you should read the book atleast thrice

Admin :- @PowerfulNFPWarrior

Co-Admin :- @fapstronautharn

Click here to know about point system
Completing the book :- Points
Within 8 days 20
Within 10 days 15
Within 12 days 10
Within 14 days 5
Within 15 days 0
More than 15 days -5
More than 18 days -10

Points for reading the book second time

Completing the book :- Points
Within 7 days 35
Within 9 days 25
Within 11 days 20
Within 13 days 10
Within 15 days 5
More than 15 days -10
More than 18 days -15

Points for reading the book third time

Completing the book :- Points
Within 7 days 50
Within 9 days 40
Within 11 days 30
Within 13 days 20
Within 15 days 10
More than 15 days -20
More than 18 days -25

One more thing stucking in a chapter for more than 1 day will reduce your 5 points

Points Participants Total Finished Chapters (Days)Total Time taken
-5 Adioz_aka_Adidas :hourglass_flowing_sand: 2 (3 days) 45 minutes
- erenyaeger :hourglass_flowing_sand: 3 ( 2 days ) 45 mins
- fapstronautharn _ _
-25 NhTbH 22 (8 days) 12:30 hours
-10 PowerfulNfpWarrior :hourglass_flowing_sand: 5 (4) 2 hrs 15 mins
- Probably2 19 (10 days) 4 hours
20 prothekter_aden 32 (7 days) 8.30 hrs
-5 risinglion123 21 (6 days) 2h 41min
- strongerme17 5 (4days ) 2.5 hours
- TheBigSP 32 ( 15 Days ) 220mins
- ysub 29 (Day 11) 8:20 hrs

:hourglass_flowing_sand: near the participant’s name suggests that she/he has paused his reading for some time…


Warriors who finished the book

Everone will get rank, whoever will take less time to finish will get the 1st rank.


Some important points from the book which can’t be forgotten


I am already in hehehehehehehehheheheheheheheehehehe
We’re gonna quit this addiction!!!
The Easy peasy lemon squeezy way


Inviting my friends @TheBigSP , @prothekter_aden , @Dari , @risinglion123 , @VARAD , @Leverage , @GOVIND-19 , @ysub , @rewire_user ,@nofapstar123 and all


Thank you @PowerfulNFPWarrior for the invitation. I will be updating here daily

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It’s a good initiative.
Most of the older member have finished reading this book. But from my experience reading book just one time for most people isn’t enough. I am reading 4th time. May be will read 5-6 times more. Creating notes will be helpful to all.


Is this ok now,@anon65589122 brother


Yes. that’ good @PowerfulNFPWarrior

The approach of this book is that it tries to remove the brainwashing which is one of the main reason we like pmo. Brainwashing happens due to media, movies, friends or our own internal narrative. So one can’t remove brainwashing in just one read. So Keep re visiting the notes or book is important until the brainwashing permanently ends.


@shinsusenju , @Skx009 , @Yash21 , @anon1922544 , @Sauravkrr2 , @strongerme17 , @wick_op , @Harn08 , @RegretHATER and (@Samaranjay i know you read the book already :laughing:) you guys are also invited, wanna join

Everyone is invited


Nice brother It’s amazing that You created this challenge, Well those who have a habit of reading book have an advantage here coz the book is so small yet covers everything in barely 100 pages :joy:

And advice to everyone don’t please rush while reading the book trying to find something like a miracle that will make u quit porn. I have read it in 2-3 days but didn’t even remember anything I just kept on reading.
So Yeah read everything properly and keep processing every line, in the start you might feel I already know most of the stuff, the book really has helped a lot of people and It really has the potential and It’s a must for serious nofapper.

And Try to read that book when you are in public, the thing is I ignore urges and Keep myself busy I don’t even remind myself of those thing, I remember back then I relapsed a lot while reading the book coz It’s unconsciously reminding me of that. So, Try to read it in public while writing some points might improve your focus :+1:

Hope We all get Freed from this addiction :clap: :wink:


@rewire_user thanks bhai, you are right that’s why , i added this also as a rule :sweat_smile: , @rewire_user and @anon65589122 would you like to join brothers.


Yes add my name. I will edit whenever I can. I am creating a personal note on notion I will share from there.


I would really like to join this amazing challenge bro, But because of exam I might face issue. I have already read it brother thrice, I have made notes too. And I am now a days focused on studying :sweat_smile:
Btw You are doing a great work brother :+1: :wink: I hope at least few people would get out of this addiction or achieve a great streak through this challenge :fire:


Alright :+1::+1:
Im in…
I too have to go through it… Lemme see what I’ll find!


@prothekter_aden , @risinglion123 , @anon65589122 , @ysub and @Adioz_aka_Adidas , added you guys .

Heavy d̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶r̶̶̶̶̶̶̶i̶̶̶̶̶̶v̶̶̶̶̶e̶̶̶r reader :sweat_smile:

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I’m In
I’ve read this book but still failed many times,
This time I will try Writing notes :fist:


Good idea.
A reading challenge… Sounds good…:+1::+1::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
So, I am in…

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Today’s update:
Reading first time and stopped at chapter 10.

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