Manutd2424 diary

I thought i would create a diary of my journey. Im 32. Male. I am 6 days in to nofap. I started masturbating and looking at porn at about 15ish. I have struggled with it my whole life. In my early 20s i would fap to porn A LOT…i struggled with social anxiety in my 20s and always struggled with feelings of withrawing and loneliness…i just put it down to my personality but looking back now, i is prob due to PMO all day every day. I remember when stresses i would fap to deal with it…i have had 2 long term relationships in my 20s both ending…my last gf i though was the 1…dates for 3 years, (she was smoking…sofia vegara like- no joke) my libido was low but i would love to fap to Porn still…looking back. Imagine if i was no fapping…anyways. i need to kill this vicious cycle because i need to progress my life and i dont need PMO anymore…im on day 6 and over porn… here goes


So far i have put a porn blocker on ny phoen. Put away my computer and i hope being an active member on this community will provide more motivstion to nofap…better than doing it solo with no support.

I am seeing a girl at the moment so i plan to no M no P and have sex without O…


You can do this man.

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Which pornblocker u have used for Android. Plz tell.

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When you think on giving up to PMO, just think how PMO ever has helped you.

And then think why you are fighting against it again.

It will give you power. Be strong! :smiley::+1:

You are a strong man everyone is here for you 32 is very young you will make huge progress just stay disciplined thats all bro

Thanks guys…i used dns changer app and input a specific dns number which blocks crappy sites……this youtube link will guide you…i also deleted all social media

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Its day 7 and i dont have any urges and i havent had any cravings since i started a week ago. I dont know if this is normal or not but i remember when i was in my early 20s if i went 7 days without fapping to porn i would have gone crazy…interesting. i suppose its part of the process…

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I remember when i was younger before porn and fapping i was more aware…like at night if was on the porch i could smell the night…hear the insects and crickets…i was in general more aware of my surroundings with my senses…thinking now i am so not like that anymore and havent been for years…i am not preasent like i used to be in my younger years…i don’t observe and take in situations like i used to…in recent years, i just am—i wonder if this is because of fapping…does it effect your senses and ability to observe and take in your surroundings?


Yes it does i used to be like that too but think about it you are literray pulling something ourside of your body which neither make you healthier if you do so. Nu conclusion is yes it does affect all aspects of life

@Manutd2424 can u tell me that specific dns number please .

Follow the instructions in the you tube video. It shows you the number to use.

I feel hypo today…like i need to calm down or something…maybe my testosterone is maxing out…i feel a little weird today. Its hard to explain…im at my desk at work and i want to find an excuse to go for a walk with a mate to grab a coffee…weird feeling today…also after work yesterday i came home and cleaned the whole house…weird…i would usually go to my room and fap for an hour…thats progress i say!

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Relapse…i edged…last night i dont know what happened. I was just horney and before i know it i was edging for 10mins…no O…no P…but i suppose it is still is not allowed?! I will reset my counter because my goal is no P no M but O with female…i dont know how that crept up on me…my mind tricked me and before i knew if i was edging…not too upset because there was no P…just still i will reset my counter…


Feeling mixed feelings today. Starting on day 1 again…its tough but not too bummed because i didnt look at P… but wondering because of edging do i loose all my hormonal healing progress ive achieved over the last week or not…who knows…time will tell…i suppose eventually ill get there…every failure you are closer to a success…

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I had intercourse with my mrs and it was amazing after no porn for 8 days…i did edge on day 7 though…hence reset timer…i could enjoy it a lot more because i have had no P for over a week…it is healthly to not look at Porn…i felt more connected to her and no Porn is definetly worth it!!!


Relapsed again…far out…at least to no porn…its almost like when i get complacent i relapse…unbelievable. i still have looked at porn for over 1.5 weeks though…thats an achievement in itself


Look at your progress not the failures you have taken steps already look at the sand you will see footprints and you will realise that you are progressing. You haven’t looked at porn for a week and half thats progress you have survived days without m or o and p i say thats fucking progress i need you to concetrate on the smaller steps i noticed you have alot of discipline something nfers need something that helped me alot. You will succeed because you have already taken the first steps. Remember you cannot be slave to lust let lust Work for you

Thanks man. Its a journey

Damm. Relapsed again this morning. Looked at 2 pics of porn…the mind plays tricks…damm…reset counter…i think i need to regroup psychologically after the few failed attempts recently…need to start again nofap with a new stronger mindset.

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