Man up! This is a group only to be joined by People who actually want to change their lives.

Welcome to man up! See, I ain’t gonna do stupid talks, I’m gonna be straight forward alright. I’m not a guy with a BIG streak or anything. But I am looking forward to change my life and everyone following this group, this community. Together we grow. Together we blossom. Together we conquer. Come join, and we’ll help ourselves with our worst sides and through dark times. This group will feature motivational quotes, help talks, you can come here instead of dwelling in your dark self. We’ll do challenges together and winner will be awarded with the power of semen. You need to bring a revolutionary change in your life. Man up! Join today.

Sharing code - 005si3

Current streak - 1 hour
Highest streak - 35 days
Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - Us



  1. Lio
    Current streak -2 days
    Highest streak- 11 days
    Gender -M
    Location -India

I am in!

Name :- Brightwarrior
Sharecode:- af92095
Longest streak:- 139days
Current streak:- 0day
Country:- IN

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Sharing code - xatx66

Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 34 days
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - :india:

I Wanna join… I’m Teekay… 16…I’m.SA… My current streak is 38 minutes

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Current streak - 4 days
Highest streak - 68 days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Sharing code - ktknv7
Location - India

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Current Streak - 16 days
Highest - 180 days
Age - 24
Gender - M
Location - :india:
Code - nlyxyt

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Yes! Everyone is welcomed to the com community. Now, kindly add each other and com compare your progress with others. See where you stand. It’s the best motivation when someone could make such a great use of semen and we still be wasting it.

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Code - nc2f06
Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 22days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - :india:

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Please add a fellow nofapper to this group. Together we shall triumph over this war with ourselves to become the best of us.

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2 hours till day 3…I’m getting some major urges! I saw a thumbnail on YouTube now I’m dying…!I MSc to talk to someone

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